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For Meeting of November 12, 2015

Well, that’s over with (the gravel ordinance vote).  There are numerous analyses that could be performed on the outcome, and believe me, I’ve mulled a lot over in my tiny pea brain.  The bottom line is that the current ordinance remains in effect, the voters of our town had the opportunity to shape and then decide on a new ordinance, and the turnout was fantastic for a non-candidate election.   As for whether to move forward with any other proposed amendments; that call is up to you.   Let’s go about the process of running a town for now.

The agenda for the 12th is relatively light.

Minutes of October 22, 2015 – They’re fairly long.  I tried to summarize the testimony from the public hearing on the gravel ordinance.  Please make any written corrections that are needed.

Expenditure Warrant 10 – If all goes well, you will sign this on the 5th.  I’ve had to move $70,000 into the checking account to cover the school expenses.  There are a bunch of items on here for Home Depot and a couple of on-line purchases which have to do with the transfer station fire.  The electrician is finishing up as I write and Rick should be getting it sheet rocked starting this (Wednesday) afternoon.  Most of the warrant is school expenses.

Expenditure Warrant 11 – There will be a payroll on this warrant as well, and whatever else that might come in between today and next Wednesday.  I do not anticipate this will be a very large warrant.

Cash & Budget Reports – I’ll print one with warrant 10 when that is finalized, and update it periodically on the website.  A printed one will be on the table at your meeting after warrant 11 is finalized.  Things are looking about where they should be for this time of year.

Checking Account Reconciliation – That was e-mailed to you yesterday (the 3rd).  It all balances.

Uncollected Personal Property Tax – I’ve sent the tax bills and what schedules I could get from the Board of Assessors to Tony Beardsley.  He is suggesting small claims court and will be handling that.

Appointments – Jeff Cosulich has offered to serve as an alternate on the Conservation Commission, and is recommended by Larry Libby (the chair).  Walter Grenier has resigned from the Heating Assistance Committee – his e-mail is in your packet.  I would suggest you accept it and advertise for a 3rd committee member (and if you can think of anyone who might serve, ask them!).

Transfer Station Repairs – I spoke with the insurance adjuster, and my estimate to him was in line with what he was thinking.  Still waiting to see what we are supposed to do next.  I will e-mail our carrier to see what they want.


MSW Contract – The Municipal Review Committee (MRC) of which we are a member is the group behind the trash to gas plant being planned in Hampden.  I attended a meeting with the CEO of the company building and operating that plant last week and was very impressed by the presentation and the technology, as well as the setup.  Tony Smith of the MRC would like to meet with you at some point in the near future.  They would like to line up tonnage commitments from municipalities in the next town meeting cycle – they need 150,000 tons committed (we can commit to about 550 tons) in order for the plant to move forward. The guaranteed cost is $70/ton, with possible rebates.


The PERC folks are also looking for us to renew to commit to send trash to the incinerator in Orrington. I don’t believe their contract proposal guarantees any tipping cost, which is problematic.


If you opt to stay with the MRC and utilize the new facility, this would have to go to town meeting in March. 


Traffic Light – As of Tuesday night it was flashing – a good sign!  I’m in hopes it will be in full blown cycle today (Wednesday 11/4).  Interestingly, I posted a picture on the town’s Facebook page on Monday of Emera hooking up the electricity and that has generated more comments and shares than nearly everything else recently (except for the big snowman!).


Returnables – The Conservation Commission has submitted a request.  They got the proceeds in March 2015, and the next available month is March 2016.


Regional Shellfishing Ordinance – Withdrawal Request – Bernie requested this be on the agenda after a conversation he had with someone after the last meeting.  There is a fair amount of discussion about a petition that I had mentioned last meeting.  I’ve printed an Ellsworth American article which articulately summarizes the situation.


Budget Workshop – I’ve drafted up a Parks Commission Budget, hope to start working on a road budget tomorrow, and a revenues budget too.  The first budget committee meeting was swift, no changes proposed to the Administration or Solid Waste budgets.


That’s all that I have.  My plan is to take this (Wednesday) afternoon off from here and take advantage of the good weather to give my lawn a final mowing!