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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of January 8, 2015

Where did this year go?  I’m writing this Christmas Eve as it dawns on me that it’s time to get a meeting together as I will be out of the office until January 5th. 

I hope everyone has a happy holiday season and a chance to reflect on the good things of the past year and looks forward to a great 2015.  Lamoine celebrates its 145th year of existence in this year – time to start thinking about a big birthday event in 5-more years.

Minutes, December 11, 2014 – Please review the minutes and submit written corrections if possible. 

Warrant 13 – This was signed individually in between meetings so that we could pay bills that were due before this meeting.  We can go over that if you have questions.

Warrant 14 – This warrant will be posted on line.  There will be two payrolls on here. There will also be a special school payroll as well as a regular one.  I will have to come in sometime next week to transfer money for the regular payroll for the school department. Most likely I will also do the month end reports on January 1st while it is quiet.

Cash & Budget Report – This too will be updated on line and a printout available meeting night. Things look pretty good thus far.

Checking Account Reconciliation – I will do that when I get back from vacation and e-mail it to you as well as post it on line. 

Stale Check Write-off – We have the following checks that have never been cashed:

FY Ending 6/30/13






Ackley, David


FY 2014 outstanding






Ludwig-Turner, Rosemary




Stinson, Joan


I do not anticipate that they will be cashed, ever. All were for property tax overpayments.  I will prepare an order to cancel the checks and return the funds as general surplus funds. The amounts total up to $138.13.

Foreclosure Status – A printout of the status as of 12/24/14 is included in your packets. 

Forest Hill Cemetery – A letter to the cemetery association is included in your packets.  I do not know if anyone from the association will attend.

Planning Board – Gravel Ordinance Process – As you know, and e-mail has gone to the Planning Board requesting that they and the Selectmen coordinate the process of revising the Gravel Ordinance.  I got a fair amount of hesitation from the Planning Board chair.  I tried to explain that the goal of this meeting was to attempt to come up with a process where the efforts of both boards can be coordinated and perhaps a unified document could go before the town. 

Returnables – We’ve received 4 requests.  The next available month is April.  I’ve listed the last time each organization received the proceeds on the agenda.  The requests are listed in the order received.

Rec Committee Appointment – I am awaiting confirmation from one more person who would possibly like to serve.   I’ve written to the folks appointed last meeting and might suggest using the Selectmen’s meeting to be the organizational meeting. 

Pole Permit – There is a revised permit application for the Emera pole approved at the last meeting.

Map 7 Lot 14 – This is the lot across from the town office.  I spoke with the realtor, and she says there is no soil test that has been done on the property.  She suggested that perhaps an offer could be made, contingent on town meeting approval and with an opt out for the sellers if they receive a better offer.  Mike spoke with a soil scientist and there has not been a system designed for there.  He also offered up the suggestion that an engineered system is possible for that lot.

This is something the board should discuss before putting it on the town meeting warrant and maybe devise some sort of future use plan.  I have my own ideas, and I suspect many on the board do as well. 

Lamoine Quarterly – I made some pretty good headway before the holiday break.  This will not be ready for January 1st, but should be ready for your meeting!

Budget – The Budget Committee meets on the 12th for final recommendations.  The agenda and proposed budget printouts are in your packet and perhaps a quick final review prior to that meeting would be a good idea.

Town Meeting – I might have a warrant drafted up with the budget stuff (that’s pretty easy).  It’s the non-budget items that will need discussion.

Harvey Kelley says he is willing to moderate again (even if Election Day is his birthday!).

Executive Session – My contract expires on June 30, 2015.  I would like to talk with the board well ahead of that date regarding renewal, salary, etc.  No drastic changes are sought on my end. 

See you next year!  - stu