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For meeting of January 22, 2015

Brrr…it seems like the furnace has run all day here, and the floor is just a never ending wash job awaiting action.  The joys of winter in Maine.

This has been a very busy meeting week with sessions Monday through Thursday, and a rec committee organizational meeting on Saturday.  A lot is getting done, though.  It’s a challenge to keep up with all of it.

Not a lot of new items for your agenda – mostly things that continue to be dealt with. Remember, Bernie is unable to attend this meeting.

MinutesPlease review them and submit any written corrections.

Warrant 15 – So far this is very small, but I expect we’ll have a school operations and payroll warrant before the signature date, as well as the town payroll next week.  The warrant will be periodically updated on the website.

Cash & Budget Reports – These too will be updated on the website.

Foreclosed Property disposition – There are three pieces that were automatically foreclosed upon due to property tax liens.  One is an occupied home on Shore Road, one is an abandoned house on Lamoine Beach Road, and one is a piece of land adjacent to the abandoned house on Lamoine Beach Road.  I have drafted letters to the parties involved (former owners, folks we think own the property etc.) for your to sign offering back the property for all back taxes, fees, interest and giving them a deadline of 30-days to respond.  I will suggest that we employ the town attorney to assist with the Shore Road property as this will likely be contentious given the town’s past history with the occupant.

Quarterly Excise Tax Report – This will be in your packet for your perusal.

Consent Agreement – Russell Boynton Jr., - I’m writing this before tackling that.  My hope is to have a draft in your packet.  I’ve not yet come up with the language and this will take a couple of meetings to get done I suspect.

Budget Committee – The Budget Committee has finished its work on the municipal budget.  They’ve done a nice job this winter, and everyone who was able to show for the meeting on Monday despite the snow.

Recreation Committee – This committee holds its organizational meeting on Saturday morning at 9AM.  I’ll give an update at this meeting, and perhaps someone from the committee might attend.

Appeals Board – The Appeals Board is working on an ordinance, but it won’t be ready for the March town meeting.  The Appeals Board also has a matter before them that they have postponed action on until early February regarding the Code Enforcement Officer’s response to a complaint about gravel removal at the commercial building approved by the Planning Board (after the Appeals Board overturned a site plan review denial).  The Code Enforcement Officer contends that the matter is not properly before the Appeals Board as it does not have jurisdiction over CEO decisions on the Gravel Ordinance and none of the signed appellants has standing.  The Appeals Board will likely tackle that issue in February.

Forest Hills Cemetery – I’ve heard back informally from one member of the corporation and there is still a lot of push back on a contract with the town to maintain Veterans’ graves.  We’ve not heard back formally, though.

Dangerous Building – 91 Marlboro Beach Road – We’ve yet to get a signed copy of the consent agreement back from the owner.  I will attempt to get in touch with him.  

Gravel Matters – I’ve not had a chance to e-mail Steve Salsbury (I promise to get to it Thursday) to see what, if anything, should be done to formally exit the consent agreement on the three permits that are fully compliant.

Comment Review Gravel Ordinance – Don’t forget your written comments to me on the Planning Board process draft.  We’ve received comments from at least two members of the Planning Board on the latest draft that the Selectboard has bandied about. My goal is to get all comments together in one document for common distribution prior to the workshop meeting on February 11.

Town Meeting – The draft warrant will be updated with the Budget Committee recommendations and some corrections.  It will be in your packet (with luck)

Town Report – I’ve been impressed with the company we’ve used for several years to produce the town report and recommend staying with them if the price is similar.  I will check prior to the meeting.   I’ve not yet even begun the report, but I’ll have some sample covers for your consideration.   I hope to at least get your report drafted for your review.

You’ve got a busy couple of months coming up for meetings.  See you Thursday.