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For Meeting of February 12, 2015

Wow.  Everyone I’ve talked with this week has said they’ve NEVER seen this much snow in an 8-day period.  As I write on February 4, we’ve got 4-feet plus in places at the town hall.  I have shoveled virtually every day for the past 8-days here to access the sign, the propane tanks, the back door and to keep the steps usable.  It seems like a losing effort.

The regular basketball season ends for me on Saturday, so I’ll have a few weeks where it will seem like I won’t know what to do with myself.  The snow storms resulted in one closure (the blizzard on January 27).  Jennifer was unable to make it in this Monday, the 2nd.  We were open on Saturday the 31st and a couple of customers wandered in.  All in all, we may have had more hours open than most town offices in the state. 

I’ve heard only one complaint about the roads during this stretch – that from a young woman who lost a mailbox on Shore Road.  It came off on February 3rd, and I told her what everyone else hears – the town is not responsible for mailboxes placed in the right of way that might get damaged in the plowing effort unless such damage was deliberate.

The agenda for your meeting seems relatively normal in length. 

Minutes – January 22, 2015 – Any written corrections are most appreciated.

Expenditure Warrant 16 – So far the largest item on the warrant is the school payroll of $44,000.   This will be updated periodically on the website and a final printout on the table for meeting night.

Cash & Budget Report – This too will be updated on the website and a printout on the table for meeting night.

Checking Account Reconciliation – This was sent via e-mail on February 2, 2015.  There were no issues with balancing the account.

Foreclosed Property Disposition – I have heard from Ms. Mullen who had owned the property on Shore Road.  She would like to ultimately sign the property over to her son Wyatt who came to the office with a partial payment.  I told him I was not authorized to accept payment from him, as the offer is to allow the former owner to purchase the property back.  This gets a little complicated, but Ms. Mullen is OK with sending the payment and having the Board issue a quitclaim deed to her and she will deed the property to her son.  I would recommend that the Selectmen do this, as it was authorized by the town meeting to offer for sale back to the former owner.  To have the Selectmen deed it to the son would require town meeting approval.

The personal representative for the other two pieces of property has made no contact with the town.  There is at least one person who has expressed interest in being able to get inside the building that is in a pretty bad state of disrepair to see if it could be salvaged.  I told him I had no authority to allow that at this time.  If we don’t hear from the former owners by the deadline (February 21), we should place insurance on the building and prepare to send it out for bid at your next meeting.

Town Meeting Warrant – Though you might be requested to place an article on the town meeting warrant from the party that filed suit just prior to passage of the zoning change involving gravel extraction last June, we have not yet received any e-mailed request.  I have told the attorney representing the litigant that it was my hope to have you sign the warrant on February 12, and he understands that you are not obligated to include any zoning change article for this town meeting.

Citizen of the Year – In order not to ruin the surprise, if you have nominations, please e-mail or call with them and I’ll prepare a “ballot” so to speak to discuss and come to a consensus.  I do have someone in mind.

Town Report – There is excellent progress on the town report – what I have thus far will be in your packets.   This should go to the printer soon in order to be ready before the town meeting.

Request for Fiscal Sponsorship – Cynthia Donaldson is doing some more leg work on this.  She’s asking for a submission for a grant to the Maine Community Foundation for the small children group for some changes to the school library setting.

Speed Trailer – The MDOT has asked if we wish to have the speed trailer in town again.  It was pretty cool the last time we had it, though I managed to lose it off the trailer hitch when transporting it from Blue Hill to Lamoine and it suffered some damage which we repaired.  Let me know.

Returnables One request thus far – next available month is November. The church is the requestor, and was the beneficiary of the proceeds last November.

Road Naming – There is a house under construction off Seal Point Road, and the drive that serves it also serves an existing home, and therefore needs a street name.  The proposed name of Mosely Point Lane is what I would have suggested had it been up to me.  The property owners came up with the name completely on their own.  A naming order will be prepared.

Gravel Ordinance Workshop Date – The Planning Board has suggested a couple of possible dates for a workshop – they are February 17 or 24, or February 26.

That’s all I have to report.  It’s snowing again.  The shovel is at the ready.