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Report for Meeting of February 26, 2015

I do believe the temperature is approaching freezing for the first time this month as I write this.  The latest batch of snow on the steps melted after the 3rd shoveling.  Roads are in decent shape, the town hall floor is washed, and life is pretty good. 

The agenda is pretty short, but the bulk of the meeting will be a workshop with the Planning Board on the Gravel Ordinance.  I will reprint our latest drafts and the comments received a while back.

MinutesPlease look them over and submit written corrections.

Warrant 17 – This will be large, only because we will be moving some funds from the checking account to investment management.  There will be a school payroll and accounts payable warrant on here.  Your next warrant will also include the 2nd half of annual salaries for elected officials and the road commissioner, as that will be the final warrant prior to town meeting.

Foreclosed Property Disposition – We have yet to hear from the DesIsles estate on whether they wish to redeem the two pieces of property the town automatically foreclosed on.  The deadline to respond was February 21, 2015.  If there is no response by then, I will prepare an advertisement to put these pieces out to bid.

We are required to insure the property after 60-days.  I will take care of that with Maine Municipal Association. I drove by the house the other day, and the front porch roof has collapsed from the snow and there are broken windows.  The snow is too high to gain access to the building. 

Cable TV Franchise Fee – I put the detail sheet in your packet – Time Warner has paid us another $11,635.48.  That puts the Cable TV fund at over $47,000.   This is for informational purposes only.

Dog license reminder letter complaint – Mr. Brown wishes to voice his displeasure at the wording in the letter our office sent to folks who’ve not registered their dogs for 2015.  He said he found it offensive and threatening.  I’ve enclosed a copy of the letter (everyone got the same one).

Citizen of the Year Resolve – This will be ready for your signature and will be presented at town meeting. 

Power Point Presentation – I will start working on the town meeting power point next week, and if all goes well, will have a print out for you on Thursday. 

Town Hall Window – Mike Jordan looked at the window and the upstairs.  The snow does not seem to have come in through the broken pane, and there is no evidence of moisture in that area that he could see.  We will need to at least fix the pane.  The window itself is likely the original that came with the old schoolhouse and will be expensive to have a new one installed.

This is the last regular meeting prior to town meeting. Unless there is a write-in campaign that I’m not aware of, there shouldn’t be any changes to the board for the next year.

Workshop Gravel Ordinance Amendments – The purpose of this workshop was to get together with the Planning Board and come up with a working plan on development of gravel ordinance changes to offer the town meeting as suggested by the task force last summer.   

It would be my suggestion to discuss priorities of both boards, discuss the comments the Planning Board sent and that I concocted, and figure out where there is general agreement and disagreement. 

I disagree with the assertion that this needs to be a long, drawn out process, but there is no doubt there are divisive issues here.  I suspect there is more agreement than some folks might think. 

See you on Thursday.