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Meeting Report March 26, 2015

The calendar says it is spring.  The weather does not.  At least the snow isn’t falling a foot at a time any more.  We’ve had some issues with the new furnace and the company that installed it has been very good about coming in to correct issues.  The fuel company has also been very good about checking to make sure everything is OK.  Occasionally it will blow cold air.  Not sure why.

You’ve got a busy meeting and people coming in to meet with you on a couple of matters. 

Minutes – March 12 – The meeting was fairly brief.  The minutes should reflect that but I ask as always to make any written corrections necessary.

Warrant 19 – so far it’s relatively small, though I do expect a school payroll and an operations warrant will be included.  I’ve not received those yet.  There’s an item in here for purchase of a power supply for the TV system switcher that got “fried” a few weeks back.  I’m hoping that works and we can avoid having to buy a new switcher at $2,000 or so. The warrant will be periodically updated on the town website.

Cash & Budget Reports – Cash flow is looking very good for now.  None of the budgets appear to be in jeopardy.

Debt Service Report – A separate memo is in your packet explaining the error in the town meeting article treasurer’s report.  Simple explanation – I goofed with the calculator and the estimated debt with the fire rescue boat loan will be $75,000 lower than initially reported (that’s good!).

Tax Acquired Property Disposal – The owners have less than $300 to pay on the current year taxes, but I’ve not heard from them in recent days.  Was expecting something this week.  I will prepare a quitclaim deed and transfer tax form when we get payment in full.

Cell Tower Update – There are a couple of letters in your packet. Apparently Verizon Wireless has sold the tower to another company that manages towers.  Almost weekly now we get letters from speculators wanting to buy the lease.  (one of those is included).  I continue to recommend against that as it’s a nice annual income and the purchase price is significantly less than the amount we would realize over the next 19-years of our lease with Verizon.

Hodgkins Scholarship – I have posted a link to the application on the town’s website for the annual college scholarship.  There is material in your packet, but there is a very sizeable amount of money available for scholarships this year.  Perhaps this would be a good meeting to choose the scholarship selection committee.  Application deadline is June 1st. 

County Ambulance Contract – The proposed contract is in your packets – the price for FY 16 remains the same as the current year and the new price goes up from $7.75/person to $9.00/person.  Mr. Partridge should be at the meeting to talk about the contract with you.

Commercial Fishing Access – Lamoine State Park – A while back I forwarded an e-mail from Carter Newell asking to meet with the Selectmen in regard to an idea that the commercial fishing community is interested it.  I’m not sure what role the Selectmen might play but he’s been notified of this meeting date and should be here.  I will e-mail him the agenda to remind him.

Cemetery Maintenance Contract – The latest offer from Forest Hill is in your packet along with a memorandum from me after looking it over.   I have concerns that you may or may not share. 

Copier RFP – A Copi has been kind enough to extend the maintenance contract for 6-weeks to give us time to put a new copier out to bid.  The proposed contract had a note that this one is obsolete and the maintenance could be canceled if they can’t get parts.  A request for proposal is in your packet (provided I get it done).

Land Exploration – We didn’t discuss this much at the last meeting, but let’s come up with a game plan on how to explore the possibility of purchasing the lot across the street.

School Budget/Town Meeting Timeline – Superintendent Kane plans to present the Budget to the Budget Committee on April 13, 2015.  If they approve, the articles would be ready for you to sign in Town Meeting Warrant form on April 30, 2015.  The proposed special town meeting date (as of now) is May 20, 2015.  I have offered to moderate again, and Katrina was OK with that.  A validation vote could be held on June 9, 2015 (the 2nd Tuesday in June).  If there are other issues the Selectmen wish to vote on by referendum, this might be a good date to do that.

Rec Committee Update – The committee is going great guns, and has started offering indoor soccer.  I had to let them know to reel it back just a bit as the Selectmen are supposed to be presented with program proposals first before going forward.  Indoor soccer is a free program and Tim Jordan is coaching it.  They’ll meet again on March 28 at 9am at the town office.

Request of Hancock County Planning Commission for appointed director(s) - A memorandum from HCPC is in your packet. 

Lamoine Quarterly – If all goes well, this will get started later today (Wednesday, March 18, 2015) and I might have something to review for the 26th.   

Gravel Ordinance – John Holt & I have had some productive discussions on proposed changes to the gravel ordinance and I expect something from him this week in the form of a draft.   It’s my opinion that a “new” ordinance is going to be the route to go because the changes are so numerous that a marked up old ordinance will be confusing at best. I think we’re making some progress. You might want to set a workshop date on this soon.

I’ve reworded the agenda a bit on executive sessions to note that if there will be one, it will be posted on the addendum.  At this point I do not know of an executive session need.

That’s the scoop for now.  We’ll see you on the 26th.