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For Meeting of April 30, 2015

I’m writing this on Tuesday, April 21st and it rained hard this morning.  Pinkhams Flats has flooded again at Archer’s Brook.  When I called MDOT they advised they would take care of barricades, etc.  After several hours and a lot of folks stopping by the town office to tell us about the flooding, I contacted MDOT again and they went to the wrong location.  When that was rectified, they were back on scene quickly and closed off the road overnight, in case you hear any complaints about the town’s role in that.  I did offer when I first called to have the fire department put up some warning barricades, but MDOT declined.

You’ve got another busy meeting coming up, and it’s 3-weeks between meetings, so business piles up a bit. 

Minutes, April 9, 2015 – Thank you in advance for looking them over and making written corrections.

Warrant 21 – This is the warrant you will have signed prior to the meeting in order to allow the school department to pay its bills.  Please ask any questions.  I did have Harald Huebner take down a big tree on Asa’s Lane a few weeks ago – it was dead and leaning and ready to come down and block the road, or worse. The final plowing bill for the town portion is on the warrant.  I’ve asked Richard to bill the town for the school plowing, as we’ve received a check from the school department for their share.  Otherwise, nothing terribly unusual on here.

Warrant 22 – There will be a town payroll on this warrant, as well as school bills.  Not sure what all else will be on this warrant.  We do have a fairly large amount in checking which could be moved to investment management, and I’ll try to calculate the proper amount to send for this warrant.

Cash & Budget Reports – This will be updated periodically on the town’s website and the latest printout provided the day of the meeting.

Bank Loan – Rescue Boat – I’ve inquired to The First about a $75,000 loan for the rescue boat.  They’ve offered a loan with 2.04% interest.  That’s .96% lower than projected at town meeting and will save some $$.   My recommendation to you would be to accept it – we have the fire truck loan through them as well, along with all our banking services.

Snow Plow Contract Meeting – Richard wanted to discuss some matters with you as we head into the final year of the contract.  I’ve printed off the contract that is currently in effect.  One of the provisions allows for a 2-year extension if both parties are willing.  He also wants to talk about going to a salt priority program.  This will require some investment on his part, but it eliminates sand, and is a lot more effective, provided the salt is pre-wetted. 

Lamoine Beach Pollution Closure – The State DMR has closed Lamoine Beach to shellfish harvesting because water sampling has picked up pollution.  We have cited the owner of a failed septic system up the road from Lamoine Beach, and the owner is supposed to have fixed the septic system by this week.  Mike is following up on that.  It’s about a half mile from Lamoine Beach, but very well could be the contamination source. Dick Fennelly would like to talk about the problem.

Recreation Committee – The Rec Committee chair will be here to discuss some things.  I’ve place the minutes from their last meeting in your packets.

Tech Committee Recommendation – The Technology Committee has discussed a service to stream shows on the Internet in addition to the CTV channel.  Folks could watch live or on demand if they wish.  They have some questions for the company called Town Hall Stream which I will attempt to find out the answers for prior to your meeting.  They said if the answers are reasonable, they would recommend we go with that service.

Copier Purchase – As of this writing, the one copier to try out is the free one offered by A-Copi.  The other two used copier companies seem to have backed off from a “test drive” after I informed them that A-Copi has offered a free replacement and to honor the maintenance bid submitted.  The salesman for A-Copi has said they will install a large capacity drawer (can hold up to 1,000 pages) as part of the deal.  If we do get another demo model, we’ll gladly try it out, but it’s going to be tough to beat a free one.

Rescue Boat Bids – We’ve had at least two companies inquire about the bid.  I sent out at least 15 RFPs for a boat as per the fire department specs.  The plan is to open the bid and record the price, send these to Chief Smith and he will come back with a recommendation for the May 14, 2015 meeting.

Landfill Water Monitoring Test – The proposed price from the company we’ve used all along is actually $40 less than 2-years ago.  My recommendation is to use MAI Associates.  I will be making arrangements to do the residential testing at the same time.

Heating Fuel – Hancock, Lamoine School, and Sullivan will be joining us in the bid.  I will have an RFP for you to approve in the packet for Thursday.

Town Meeting – There will be two warrants to sign – one for the school budget town meeting on May 20, 2015 and one for the budget validation referendum on June 9, 2015. The Budget Committee is recommending passage of the budget as presented (it’s lower than the current year).

Gravel Ordinance – John Holt, Gordon Donaldson and I sat down to discuss the latest draft.  There are some shared agreements and some disagreements to work out still.  I will attempt to make a separate memorandum on where the differences lie.  I remain optimistic that we can come up with a document to present to the town meeting in the next few months.

Land Purchase/Soil Test – I have spoken with Albert Frick and expected a proposal last week.  A person in his office called after I spoke with Mr. Frick and said he had taken ill, and it would be a few days before they could submit a cost.  I am in hopes of having something for the meeting.  Given that we most likely will have no cost for a copier and about half of the furnace budget is still left, I would recommend that the cost for this be taken from the capital improvements budget.

Road ProjectsRoute 3/204 – I’ve placed a memo from the Trenton Town Office in your packets.  Looks like work will get under way the week after the meeting, but the traffic light won’t go in until September.

Paving – The bids for paving will be opened on May 6, 2015 at our office.  I hope to have good news then!

Emergency Repairs – Storm of 4/21/15 – It rained hard on Tuesday and we suffered a fair amount of road damage, mostly to shoulders.  Richard has patched up areas of Buttermilk Road and the outlet of a culvert on Birchlawn Drive and an eroded area on Asa’s Lane.  Jay Fowler is addressing some pretty serious washouts on Needles Eye Road.

Job Performance Reviews – the reviews will take place as follows:

 I will place the standard form for each person in your packet for that particular meeting.

 That’s all I have at this point.  See you at the end of the month.