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Administrative Assistant's Report

For meeting of May 28, 2015

Wow, spring has sprung, and it’s Memorial Day weekend already!  My main task this end of the week and weekend will be to hang the utility pole flags.  I’m way behind on that – it has been busy both in and out of the office.

Remember, we’re starting early with an executive session to do a job performance review with the town clerk/tax collector.  The regular meeting will follow, and the bulk of the meeting will be a workshop session with the Planning Board to try to put the Gravel Ordinance together for a vote.

Minutes – Your usual review is requested.

Warrant 24 – So far nothing out of the ordinary.  There will be a bill for a little over $30 from Viking Lumber.  I bought new landscape timbers for the garden around the south side flag pole here at the town office.  There will be a payroll and school payroll and AP warrant. I will post this and update it periodically on the website.

Cash & Budget – This will also be updated on the website. You might notice a drop in the amount of outstanding property taxes due – this is due to a miscalculation in the tax commitment which results in a smaller overlay than first projected (not a terrible problem).  An incorrect valuation figure was entered in the commitment (my error) worksheet.  The tax bills were correct, and the commitment has been corrected.  We’re still OK.

Computer Use Policy – As requested by MMA, a policy for computer use is suggested and in your packets. I modified the suggested language a bit so that the Board will not have to approve every download (that would potentially mean we’d have to call when windows wanted to update at 2am!). 

Appointments – Jason Trenholm has offered to serve on the Recreation Committee.  We have one alternate spot open, and I would recommend his appointment.

I have printed off the list of folks expiring on June 30th.   If you would like, I will contact the board/committee members to see if they wish to re-enlist.

I have put word out that we need someone to maintain the outhouses at Lamoine Beach and Bloomfield Park.  No takers thus far.  I will do it for Memorial Day Weekend on Friday. Any thoughts?

Rescue Boat – The fire department has submitted the two items left off the specs and the contract is back from Ribcraft awaiting signature.  The bank paper work will be ready for signature on the 28th.  Skip indicated that he wished to get things rolling a few days earlier with Ribcraft.   I have attempted to add the boat to the insurance, and await a call from MMA.

Heating Fuel Contract – I expected to have a contract ready, but it has not been received yet.  Acadia Fuel does know they got the bid and e-mailed that they would be getting the paperwork together.

Hodgkins Scholarship Date – Deadline for applications is June 1st.  Gary, Nathan and Heather agreed to be the subcommittee.  Let’s set a date for that discussion which needs to be in executive session.

Planning Board WorkshopDraft 7 (highlighted) and the key points to discuss are in your packets.  I’m also placing this on the website, as there have been several requests to see what’s been drafted thus far.  This will be a workshop session which will take most of the meeting time to hammer a few things out.

See you Thursday…..stu