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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of June 8, 2015

Thank you for indulging me in the meeting time/date change.  As mentioned to you via e-mail, this was done to accommodate the High School baseball playoffs as they need as many umpires available as possible.  Please note the meeting will start at 6:30 PM with the Hodgkins Scholarship Committee, and the regular meeting will get under way at 7:30 PM.

Both Nate & I have ballgames to attend – mine is at the Ellsworth Middle school and will be done by 6:15 PM. 

It has been very busy at the office.  Jennifer and I are working to get the 30-day notices prior to tax liens prepared.  It involves reconciling the outstanding tax data to the general ledger, and that takes a little while.  Those notices will likely go out next week.

As mentioned via e-mail, we have been working on setting up the streaming TV shows on the website, and that was completed this (6/3) morning.  My thanks to Brett Jones for his tremendous expertise and help!

Hodgkins Scholarship – I will leave the folder for the scholarships on the table for the meeting, along with several copies of the award sheet.  This portion of the meeting should be called to order with a motion and vote to enter executive session as noted on the agenda. Please follow the instructions on the award sheet – or you can leave that blank and write down the awards on a separate sheet.  I will take care of getting the info to Maine Community Foundation.

Minutes – May 28, 2015 – These were relatively short, even though the meeting was long.  Most of it was the Planning Board workshop as noted.

Warrant 25 – This will be updated on the website.  So far the largest expenditure is the rescue boat down payment.  The loan was deposited into the checking account last Friday.  The school payroll and accounts payable warrant will not likely be ready in time.

Cash & Budget Report – This too will be updated on the website and on the table for Monday.  I will have to add the rescue boat line to the report

Checking Account Reconciliation – This was e-mailed to you on Tuesday.  Please let me know if you have questions.

Consent Agreements – Gravel – John Holt informs me that the three gravel operations that the Selectmen came to a consent agreement on last year have now met all the conditions of the permits that they were issued.  I have e-mailed Steve Salsbury this information and asked for what course of action he would suggest to possibly extinguish the agreements and have the operators work under the permits that were issued.

Gravel Ordinance – Draft 8 of the gravel ordinance based on the workshop from last meeting is in your packet along with a “comment” sheet from me.  The Planning Board got this on June 2nd and briefly looked it over as I understand it.   There has been no official comment from the Planning Board at this time.

Guest Mooring – Several years ago the Selectmen approved placement of a temporary guest mooring at the Harbor at the suggestion of David Herrick.  Dave advises me that he is willing to install the hardware for the mooring.  He said for the stone, chain, ball etc, the cost is about $1,000.00.  We have plenty of money in the harbor fund.  The request would be to authorize the Harbor Master to utilize the fund to install the mooring.

PERC Communications – We have received a communication from the PERC plant about a possible contract extension beyond the 2018 expiration.  I have put this information in your packet and recommend no action at this time.  The Municipal Review Committee to which we belong is in the process of licensing a plant in Hampden to convert trash to ethanol. 

Snow Plowing Escalator – I will be doing an analysis of what, if any, extra costs there should be following last winter.  This will be in your material for Monday, unless I get it done this afternoon.

Job Performance Review – The sheet will be in your packets. 

That’s it for the agenda.  Again, my thanks for the accommodation – there’s a couple of baseball teams somewhere that will also thank you!