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For Meeting of July 16, 2015

Happy July!  Things are humming right along at the Lamoine Town Hall.  The Assessors have made their tax commitment (mill rate drops from 10.3 to 10.1), and business continues to be brisk. 

I’m trying to take a day a week off.  This is being written on July 9th, and the plan is to take tomorrow off. 

The meeting agenda doesn’t look all that bad, but there are some lengthy items on it.

Minutes – June 25, 2015 – Please look them over with written corrections most appreciated.

Warrant 2 – There will be a lot of accounts payable on this warrant, and it’s going to be a pretty hefty one.  The fire truck payment is on here, and the due date is the day before your meeting.  Unless I hear some objection, we will transfer the payment on the due date.   There will have to be a transfer from the investment account to checking to cover the costs on the warrant.  The good news is, the school bills are relatively small.

Cash & Budget Reports – I’m going to put printouts in your packet so you can have a hard copy.  Both fiscal years will be printed for the next few meetings as payables continue to straggle in.   We look to be in excellent shape for cash flow.

Checking Account Reconciliation – This was e-mailed at the first of the month.  There were no issues with reconciliation.

Encumbrance Order – Another encumbrance order will be ready to sign – I neglected to encumber the Needles Eye Road paving and the fire truck payment (two rather large items).  Speaking of the paving, this should be performed the day before your meeting.

Quarterly Excise Tax Report - This is also in your packet.  Good year!

Tax Liens – 2014/15 – The 30-day notices went out June 18th.  This is going to create a bit of an overlap with the 2015/16 commitment for collection purposes.  I think I mentioned that we inadvertently added the fees in twice.  Numerous prepayments were credited to the 15/16 taxes for $9.75 due to the error.  We look to have a fairly hefty number of liens.

Tax Commitment – As mentioned above, the Assessors committed taxes on July 9th (today) at a mill rate of 10.1.  If all goes well, the tax bills will be in the mail next week.

Audit Schedule – The auditors will be here on July 21 for the prelim work.  No action is needed by the Board at this time.

Comprehensive Planning Meeting – The Comp Plan committee meets before your meeting and will stick around to discuss things with you at the Selectmen’s meeting. 

PERC Contract – A draft contract from the PERC plant folks is in your packet for your information only. No action is recommended at this time.  We are part of the Municipal Review Committee which is in the permitting process to build an alternative disposal plant that will convert waste into fuel (methanol) and likely at a much lower price than the PERC disposal offer.

Vacancies – There are several positions that are vacant.  We’ve advertised for a Code Enforcement Officer.  So far, no applications have come in.  The deadline is the 13th.  I would like to discuss how you wish to go about hiring a new CEO.

Mike Jordan has asked to be considered as an alternate on the Planning Board.  I await recommendations from both the Recreation Committee and Conservation Commission about moving alternate appointees into the full position vacancies.  I have spoken with one person about the Parks Commission and await an answer from her.   Thoughts about the other seats are most welcome.

MMA Ballot – The annual election of officers for Maine Municipal Association is under way and there are no contested races.  The ballot is in your packet.

Gravel Ordinance Workshop – I will have draft 9 ready next week – this will contain input from Tuesday’s Planning Board session.  Additionally, there will be a separate proposed amendment to do with setbacks to work on.  Clearly the Planning Board has said they will not support any proposed setback amendment change, but the proposed new ordinance has numerous improvements that really should be put to voters that have a chance at passing, thus the separate proposal.

Next meetings – The dates are on the agenda.  At your August meeting, I anticipate that Richard McMullen will have a specific proposal on the salt priority program for plowing.

Enjoy the beautiful summer weather – that’s my intent on the “off” days.