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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of September 10, 2015

And, just like that, it’s Labor Day.  I hope everyone had a nice August.  It seems like forever since the Board has met.  Thankfully, no big issues cropped up this summer to require many more meetings than planned. 

Your agenda has a lot of parts on it for this time.  Many of them can be dealt with efficiently.

Minutes – August 13, 2015 – Please look over the printed copy and supply any corrections, written if possible.

Expenditure Warrant 5 – This is the warrant you signed individually the last full week of August.  Of the $379,000 spent, $300,000 was a transfer into the investment management account, and just over $53,600 was to the school department.

Expenditure Warrant 6 – This will also be large – I’m expecting to transfer about $400,000 to investments and to pay the county tax bill on this one.  Please note there is a memorandum in your packets explaining the calculation of vested vacation time, which was included in the payroll. 

Cash & Budget Reports – The bulk of the next few days will be spent closing out Fiscal Year 2015, and you will have the final budget report (before auditing) in your packet, as well as a current year printout.

Checking Account Reconciliation – The various reports on reconciling the checking account were sent via e-mail to you.

Stale Checks Order – We have three checks from the previous fiscal year that are uncashed and are well over 90-days old. I have e-mailed the largest one to request a manner to dispose of this, either recutting the check, application to the 2nd half tax payment, or donation to the school program.  One of the other two has already paid their property tax in full – I’m suggesting a miscellaneous income, and the third still has the 2nd half left to pay on their property tax.  I should have an order ready for you to sign.

Planning Calendars – A quick count of the committees, etc, shows about 60 folks who serve on the various boards.   If we order 60 calendars, it will cost about $185.00.  Your call.

Gravel Ordinance Revision – The latest drafts that are available are in your packet.  You need to decide whether you wish to present one question or two to the voters in November (one for the big draft 10, and a second that would change the setback language separately, or put that setback language into the major draft and have folks just vote on one document). 

The Planning Board has declined to schedule a public hearing for ordinance development.  I’ve put a memo from the chair in your packet. 

When you decide whether there will be one question or two, you need to pick a town meeting date and a public hearing date.  The suggestions on the agenda should work.

Solid Waste – I’ve put the report from the E-waste company in your packet.  Very impressive!

Household Hazardous waste is being collected at MDI High on September 26.  We’ve started issuing resident permits already.

I’ve been conversing with the State DEP about the frequency of water testing in order to reduce costs.  I think we’ll be getting some good news shortly – fewer wells to test!

Request from Trenton re: Oyster Farm – A letter from Trenton Selectboard chair Fred Ehrlenbach is in your packet.  The developers of the proposed oyster farm live in Lamoine, so I’m not sure if you wish to support Trenton’s quest or not. 

Comprehensive Planning – The committee is seeking to meet with each board in town to gather input.  A letter to that effect is in your packets.  They have also developed a survey which is now actively gathering individual citizen input.

Appointments/Resignations – There is an e-mailed resignation from Alida Liberty from the Parks Commission.  We still have volunteer board opportunities on the Parks Commission, Budget Committee and Conservation Commission

Budget – The Budget Committee will get up and running on Monday, October 26.  I plan to start developing the 2016/17 budget later this month and have the first draft of parts of it to you for review, possibly by your next meeting, but definitely by the Octobers.

Next meetings – The meeting schedule is laid out on the agenda.  November’s 2nd meeting would fall on Thanksgiving Night – I’m sure you don’t plan to meet then – how do you wish to work that?

Executive Session – Separate memos are in your packet regarding the need for this – it has to do with negotiating payment for our new facilities maintenance person. 

After you finish with the executive session, you must approve the agreement in open session.

All for now, see you on the 10th.   Have a great Labor Day Weekend.