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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of September 24, 2015

As I write on September 17th, this has been a beautiful stretch of weather this week.  If I can get enough paper work done, I’ll be taking the flags down from the poles with Rick Gallegos this afternoon. 

You have a fairly aggressive agenda from a preparation standpoint.  The meeting should not take all that long.

Minutes – September 10, 2015 – Please review the minutes in your packets for any corrections that might be needed.

Warrant 7 – We have a couple of hefty school payments on this warrant.  I will periodically update this on the website with the printed version in your packets for Thursday.  One of the payments is a special education bill from the previous fiscal year (more on that later).

Cash & Budget Reports – For some reason, I did not build interest payments into the budget for the loan payments on the rescue boat. I think the reasoning was that the loan would be completed after the first of July.  Additionally, there will be 13 payments made, as we reimbursed the fire department for the first payment made in June on the July warrant.  We will be short in the budget for the payments.  An article to appropriate $2,120.48 from surplus will be placed on the March 2016 town meeting warrant to cover the shortfall.  My goof.

FY 2015 Report – As mentioned under the warrant 7 wording, there is a hefty ($83,000 plus) bill from RSU 24 for the previous fiscal year for special education that the school board has approved.  I had closed our books last week before receiving the bill.  Heather had mentioned during last meeting that it was nice to see the budget under expended.  It is still about $200,000 under expended.  I’ve directly debited that bill from last year’s ending balance in the education fund and manually added it to the school expenses on the budget printout.  The report included in your packet includes that final bill.  The final budget report awaits the audit.

Special Town Meeting – I have e-mailed and posted on the website Draft 11.2 of the gravel ordinance which should have all the final edits in them.  Dan Pileggi had several minor corrections and a couple of editorial comments that have been incorporated.  As mentioned in your e-mail, please review this prior to the meeting and let me know if there are any further corrections to be made before you sign it.  The signed version will be the one offered to voters.

The town meeting warrant will be ready to sign on Thursday as well.  If all goes well, it will be in your packet!.

A public hearing order will also be ready for signature, and ditto above, for your packet.

Finally, as e-mailed with the ordinance, is a summary sheet as requested.

General Assistance Ordinance – There is a public hearing on the new ordinance which has been posted.  You rarely get any comment on the annual update.  I’ve enclosed the update in your packet.

Returnables – One request as of this writing.

Crack Sealing.  – The proposal from Wilson’s Ground Maintenance is in your packet for Buttermilk, Birchlawn and South Birchlawn.  Between what is encumbered and what is budgeted, we have enough to cover this. They’re about the only company in the area that does this.

Tree Trimming – I do not have any prices yet for the two roads.  I’ll probably wait until the leaves start falling to contact the tree folks – it’s easier to cut that way. 

Municipal Review Committee – If you know of someone you’d like nominate for the MRC, please speak up.  This is the group that represents us with PERC and who is working to build a trash to fuel plant in Hampden.

Old School Desks – Rick Gallegos mentioned that he would like to speak with the board about the desks that are currently stored in the basement and find out what to do with them.  He should be at your meeting, and I might get something written from him soon.

Lamoine Quarterly – I’m hoping to have this started by your meeting.  I can guarantee it will NOT be finished by then, though.

See you Thursday.