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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of December 13, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Nice to see bare ground this year!  I’m sure the plowing contractor is not displeased that he hasn’t had anything to plow yet.  Soon enough, no doubt.

Your agenda is relatively light for a change – mostly informational items at this point.

Minutes – Please review the last meeting minutes and submit written corrections if needed.

Expenditure Warrant 12 – This is the one you signed last week.  A printed copy along with the budget report for that day is in your packet.

Expenditure Warrant 13 – This will be posted on line and printed the day of the meeting. 

Cash & Budget Reports – Again, this will be updated periodically on the website and printed the day of the meeting.  So far, things look good for the year.

Checking Account Reconciliation – I should have that done the day before the meeting and will e-mail the files to you. 

Foreclosure Notices – I’ve printed off a spreadsheet of the property owners and their overdue 2013/14 balances.  They’ve been sent a notice of impending automatic foreclosure as of today (11/25/15).  The foreclosure date is 1/9/16. 

Bureau of Labor Standards Inspection – I think we did OK – there may be some citations for paper work at the fire station.   There was a communication snafu within the fire department about who was inspecting airpacks and tanks, and no one ended up doing it for a while.  That will be corrected.  A couple of fit testing records are also missing.   The transfer station, town hall and fire station got a look over from the inspector.

Shellfishing – I think the clam conservation group has come up with some ideas to satisfy the local diggers.  I’ve put their suggestions in your packet.  No action is required on your part.

CEO/Mud Creek Road Violation – Millard is looking for direction on how the Selectmen wish to proceed.  I’ll prepare a memorandum for your packet.

Needles Eye Road – Beavers – We have had persistent problems on Needles Eye Road with beavers at the twin culverts.  It came to a head on Monday when their work caused water to flow over the road and wash out the fill over the outlet side.  Perry Fowler showed up quickly and got it repaired and has cleaned out the junk the beavers had put in front of the culverts.  Meanwhile, Warden Phil Richter has contacted an animal damage specialist who showed up today and will be trapping the critters for relocation (don’t ask where, I don’t know). 

Hancock County Planning Commission – Letters of Support – The communication from Tom Martin is in your packet.  We do this each year and the letters will be ready for you to sign.

Transfer Station Office Repair Update – I believe it’s nearly complete.  Chris asked for a less bright light fixture than the fluorescent tubes. I’ve asked Art Ashmore to put in an LED fixture.  Rick was finishing the painting this week.  Once everything is done, I’ll submit the invoices to MMA for reimbursement.  You will be asked by me to authorize $1,000 from the insurance deductible fund for this event.

Nomination Papers – Hard to believe, but nomination papers for the March 2016 election will become available on December 14, 2015.  The seats up for election are currently held by (Selectmen) – Nate Mason, Bernie Johnson; (Assessor) – Jane Fowler and (School Committee) – Brett Jones and Bob Pulver.    Generally I post a notice and send it to the incumbents notifying them of paper availability.  We’ll publicize it in the Ellsworth American, put it on the Town’s Web Page and the Facebook page, as well as posting it in the usual spots.

Budget Workshop – Don’t forget, the Budget Committee meets on November 30th.  The bulk of the budgets are done, and I’ll try to print off the budget in its entirety for the Selectboard meeting to give an idea of where things stand.  I think we’re going to be OK on taxes.

That’s really all I have.  It’s been busy, and the next big task will be starting the Town Report and Town Meeting Warrant for March.