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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of December 14, 2015

This is a bit of a scramble as you know the meeting has been changed to Monday the 14th, three days earlier than usual.  The Budget Committee is meeting at 6:30, so you will meet at 6PM and you should be able to dispose of matters in half an hour.   The reason for the meeting time change (mostly for the public) is that the Lamoine School Holiday Concert is on Thursday, and three of you have children performing in the show, and a quorum would not be available. 

Minutes of December 3, 2015 – I didn’t get around to doing these until today (Tuesday the 8th) – it has been quite hectic here with all the committees squeezing in their meetings before Christmas.  Please look over the minutes for errors and make written corrections if you could.

Expenditure Warrant 14 – We finally have a bill for the road work that has been authorized and completed in the past several months.  Much of it is charged to the encumbered account, which means the expense that was recorded last year as an accounts payable is being paid, as opposed to coming out of this year’s budget.  The other major part of that is work after the Buttermilk Road is paved, and there was plenty remaining in that budget to cover.  The largest bill, of course, is school payroll.  I expect there will be an accounts payable warrant for the school as well and that will require us moving some of the general investment fund into the checking account. The warrant is posted on the town’s website and will be updated periodically with a hard copy printed for Monday.

Cash & Budget Report – I’ll be updating this on the town website periodically. Still waiting for the audit so I can know how much we have for an undesignated fund balance.

Lien Foreclosure – I’ve got a printout of the 2013/14 lien status.  Another one paid a couple of hours after I printed the list.  An updated list will be available on Monday.

Snow Plowing Contract – Richard McMullen was set to meet with you on the 17th.  I am in hopes that he can meet with you on the 14th.  I have e-mailed him, but have not yet heard back. (He’s not out plowing!).

Marlboro Beach Road Tree Trim – Richard tells me a section of road from Maxwell Avenue to about Lupine Lane needs to be cut back.  I’ve contacted Greg Gleason to get me a price.  He is just finishing up on Shore Road as I write.

Consent Agreement Draft-CEO – A copy of the agreement that Millard and I whipped up is in your packet.  Read it over, suggest any changes, and we can probably get that taken care of.

Cell Phone Tower Lease Extension – American Tower (which bought out the cell tower from the original owner), wants to extend the lease for another 30-years.  I believe the proposal includes a $20,000 signing bonus and a monthly fee increase down the road.  I’ve put the e-mail from the woman in your packets.  I’ve told her that I would put this before the board.  To extend the lease would require town meeting approval, but to me, this would appear to be a “no brainer”.

Transfer Station Fire Update – I’ve got all the bills in (I think), and the project is complete.  I will be submitting for payment to our insurance carrier this week.  I think we’re under their estimated repair costs.

Shellfishing Enforcement Update – I copied you on an e-mail to Dick Fennelly.  I hope to hear from him soon for an update.

Next Meetings – The two fellows from the MRC will meet with you on January 14, 2016.  I’ve tentatively scheduled the service recognition meeting for the 28th. 

Budget – As mentioned above, the Budget Committee meeting follows your meeting.  It would be nice to stick around for that and discuss the bottom line and the ideas that you’ve had for the budget following your last meeting.

See you MONDAY!