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Report for Meeting of January 14, 2016

Happy New Year!  I don’t know about you, but I’ll be writing 2015 for a few more weeks.  We’ve been pretty busy here at the office – lots of new vehicle registrations around Christmas time.  The Lamoine Quarterly is done and will be printed on 1/7/16.  The Budget Committee has made its budget recommendations, and the first draft of the town meeting warrant is in your packets.  I am also working on a grant application for the fire department to upgrade their SCBA (airpacks) units. 

You have a very busy meeting agenda for the 14th. 

Minutes of December 14, 2015 – Please review the minutes and submit written corrections if needed.

Expenditure Warrant 15 – The signed warrant is in your packet. 

Expenditure Warrant 16 – This is posted and updated on the town’s website. So far, a lot of tax lien discharges (see below).  These will be filed prior to the foreclosure deadline of 1/9/16, which is before your meeting. 

Cash and Budget Reports – This is also updated on the town’s website and a printed copy will be placed on the table for your meeting night.

Checking Account Reconciliation – I’ve sent you the files for this via e-mail.  There were no issues.

Quarterly Excise Tax Report – Wow, 2015 was a great year for excise collection.  The report is in your packet (and on line).

Automatic Foreclosure Review – There are two property owners from whom I’ve not heard anything.  Everything else should be resolved prior to the 1/9/16 foreclosure deadline.

MRC Meeting – Chip Reeves, the public works director of Bar Harbor and a board member of the Municipal Review Committee should be here to meet with you about signing a contract for waste disposal post March 2018.

Animal Sheltering Contract – The Small Animal Clinic has sent their contract renewal.  I have called the SPCA to see if they’ve changed their policy in regard to sheltering at all.  We are required to have a contract with someone.

Snow Plowing Extension – I have prepared an extension contract with Richard McMullen and he is reviewing it.  This reflects the discussion at the previous meeting. A copy is in your packet.

MSW & Recycling Contract Extension – Casella has sent a proposal to extend the contract through March 2018.  That is also in your packet.

CTV Operations Manager – The Technology Committee will be speaking with a young man about possibly taking this job just prior to your meeting.   A recommendation may come from that committee.  The job is currently vacant.  We have not publicly advertised it. 

Town MeetingBudget/Draft Warrant – The Budget Committee has made its recommendations as of last night (1/5/16) and I’ve drafted up a warrant.  Both are in your packet.

Moderator- Harvey Kelley is not available for this spring.  I have asked Joe Marshall who lives here in Lamoine and moderates the town meeting in SW Harbor, and he is quite eager to moderate our meeting this coming spring.  I hope this is OK with the board.

Gravel Ordinance Amendment – Gary asked that this be on the agenda.  I’ve written a separate memo in regard to that.

Town Report Printer – Xpress copy which has printed our report for years, has proposed a $26.00 increase to $1,369 for this year’s version.

Town Report – Rough Draft – I’d like to report that I’ve started this, but I would be fibbing.  I will be plugging away at it for the next few weeks.

CEO Hours – Millard has scaled back his hours during the winter from Noon to 2PM as it’s not particularly busy. 

Consent Agreement – RF Jordan has paid the proposed fine and signed the agreement.  I would recommend that the Board sign as well.  We will contact the third party to let her know that it has been signed and encourage her to do so.

Transfer Station Security – Chris reports several instances of hazardous waste being illegally left at the facility.  He wants to put a big sign up at the entrance.  We’ve spoken in the past about a security camera system there so he can monitor the MSW side.  I think that’s a viable reaction to this issue which does not seem to be resolving.

While we’re on the subject of the transfer station, Chris had to shut down on January 2, 2016 when the facility filled up much faster than we had anticipated, and several people were not able to leave their weekly trash.  We did not expect that much trash as we were open the day after Christmas and figured the holiday trash would be heaviest then.  Lesson learned.

Metal Pile – Chris had set aside an area for folks to drop off metal goods and Rusty Boynton was picking that stuff up.  He shut it down for the winter.  I told him we were not licensed to collect metal in that area and asked him not to reopen it.  A few citizens have questioned that.  The facility was originally licensed to collect metal on the concrete pad underneath the two long recycling containers.  Chris said some of the stuff that was left behind was not appropriate (TV’s etc).  Folks have the option of taking metal to DM&J in Ellsworth (and maybe get paid for it), or they could contact Rusty directly for pickup.  Let’s talk about what we wish to do with metals.

Land Owner Donation – Ken Smith has contacted me about donating a small piece of land to the town adjacent to Blunt’s Pond and a town owned piece along the pond.  It would require town meeting approval.

We also spoke about land behind the town hall being donated and apparently that is acceptable to both parties that own it.  Not sure where we are on that point. 

Cell Tower Land Lease Extension – The tower owners are amendable to extending their response deadline until after town meeting.  I’ve looked it over, and it appears to be in order.  They’ve sent an electronic copy in case you want the town attorney to review it.

Shellfishing Ordinance – The minutes from the latest municipal joint board are in your packet. One proposal is to increase the recreational permit fee to $20 (from the current $5 resident, $10 non-resident).

Returnables – We have a bunch of applications (two of which I’ve submitted on behalf of town sponsored programs).  The info is on the agenda.

I would note that we have been hit with a bunch of street sign thefts in recent weeks.  After writing this, I plan to do an inventory around town.

See you on the 14th.