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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of January 28, 2016

Last meeting this month, and I’ve been scrambling to get the town report ready.  I apologize for being a little later than normal on getting the agenda and packet ready.  For some reason it’s been awfully busy here in the office.  Jennifer has been flooded with petitions to certify for state elections.  Vehicle and dog registrations have been extremely brisk.  The Appeals Board has a case going.  You get the picture.

Your agenda is not too full this time. 

Minutes – Please look them over – written corrections if you could.

Warrant 17 – This will be on the high side, as the school operations warrant is for $102,000 or so, and a payroll warrant of $55,000.  We will have to transfer some money in from the investment account to cover this one (probably about $125,000).  This will be updated on the website and a hard copy in your materials on Thursday.

Cash/Budget Report – All looking OK as far as I can tell.

Audit – The 2015 audit is complete and in your packets for your review.  I didn’t see anything that requires immediate attention.  Please take a chance and read it over.  We are in good financial shape.

Foreclosed Property – There has been no response to the letter to the former owner of Map 14 Lot 1 that you signed last meeting as of 1/23/16.   I tried calling the number I had on file for Mr. DesIsles and got a recording that the call could not be completed.  I sent the letter both certified and first class. 

Honoring Retired Board Members – I will have certificates to sign for the four folks that we will honor on Thursday.  I’ll also get a dessert/veggie tray and some beverage, plates and cups. I’ve invited the honorees, their families and their board members to attend.  This should be a pleasant time.

Floodplain Ordinance – The e-mail we received yesterday (1/22/16) is printed off and in your packets.  It’s up to the board to decide when to place this before town meeting.  The Planning Board will also get a copy and they meet on 2/1/16.  I might suggest that you delay any action until such time as the Planning Board has a chance to give input.

Town Meeting

Cell Tower Lease Extension - I’ve had Dan Pileggi go over the proposed contract extension, and his comments are in your packet.  I will clarify the money part of that with a spreadsheet showing just what is proposed as we understand it.

MSW (trash) Options – The full court press is on by both parties.  There are concerns with the MRC’s proposed plant option as well as the “remain with PERC” option. It would be helpful for the board to discuss amongst itself whether it wishes to put the MRC question on the warrant.  Ken Smith picked up a copy of the power point presentation you saw last meeting, and said he would get back to us with his concerns.  Several others, including County Commissioner Blasi, have weighed in. 

As of this writing I’ve not yet communicated with Pine Tree waste on the counter offer.  I hope to do that next week.

Citizen of the Year – Be thinking of someone that would be appropriate for the honor.  I’ll try to think of some names as well.  If you do come up with names, e-mail them to me ahead of time, and we can do a written ballot to keep the surprise alive.

Warrant Review – I’ve revised the warrant to the latest that we have.  Let’s look it over again and plan on signing a final version at the February 11 meeting.

Town Report – Because we just got the audit in, I have been very tardy in getting this together.  Combined with a computer glitch that failed to save the work I did yesterday, I apologize for being behind.

Plowing Contract Extension – You deferred any action on this at the previous meeting to have a chance to look it over some more.  It’s back on the agenda.  I’ve not heard any objection from Richard.

That’s all for this agenda.  See you on Thursday.