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Report for Meeting of February 11, 2016

I was mentioning to someone this morning that by the time next week starts, it’ll seem like kind of a workload let down.  The town report is pretty much done.  The town meeting warrant will be ready to sign.  The regular season for high school basketball is over.  It’ll be kind of nice!

You have a bit of work to wrap up for your agenda on the 11th.   May the weather continue to be atypical of a Maine winter!

Minutes of January 28, 2016 – Please review the minutes and submit any written corrections.

Warrant 18 – So far the school payroll warrant is far and away the largest item as of today (2/3/16).   There are a few Home Depot charges.  The cover on the mailbox rusted off, so Rick Gallegos has replaced it with a new mailbox and post.  Nothing else unusual thus far.  The warrant will be periodically updated on the town’s website.

Cash & Budget Reports – These too will be periodically updated on the website, and a printed report will be with your materials the night of the meeting (per usual).

Checking Account Reconciliation Review – The checking account info was e-mailed to you yesterday (2/2/16) for your review.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Heating Fuel Bid – Sullivan will join us, I’ll hear from Hancock later this week.   If all three towns are a “go”, I will put out a request for proposals in the next few days.

Foreclosed Property – Though I’ve not heard from the personal representative of the estate, he has signed for the letter you sent to him the meeting before last.  The deadline to hear is on February 18, 2016. 

Gravel Ordinance Lawsuit – As e-mailed to you earlier this week, the MacQuinn, et al v. Town of Lamoine lawsuit has been revived.  Dan Pileggi had to answer the suit and I e-mailed the presumption to him that it was OK to do so.  He said he would meet with you on this when needed.  This suit is a revival of the one that was put on hold while the town developed a new ordinance to vote upon (and which failed).   The suit is in your packet.

Public Hearing Orders – There is an order to sign calling a public hearing for the Donation Review Ordinance amendment.  That one you cast in stone at the last meeting.  There is also a public hearing order for the Floodplain Management Ordinance.  There is some discussion from John Holt as to whether to wait and have a special town meeting in order for the public to fully process the ordinance changes.  Mike Jordan is suggesting an amendment to the proposed ordinance to raise the required building elevation to 2-feet above the flood level (current proposed ordinance is 1-foot). 

Your decision will be whether to actually place this on the town meeting warrant for 3/9/16 and call for a Planning Board public hearing on the 25th of March, or to delay approval of some ordinance version until May when there is a special town meeting to discuss solid waste and the school budget.

I will print two versions of the town meeting warrant – one with and one without the ordinance change, and leave it up to the Board to decide. 

Citizen of the Year Plaque – I’ve done up the plaque and if you approve, it’s ready to go to the trophy company for printing.

Sign Town Meeting Warrant – Knowing of nothing else other than the floodplain ordinance that may or may not appear on the warrant, there will be a version for you to sign.

Town Report – As of this writing, I’m waiting for reports from the Comprehensive Planning Committee, the Superintendent of Schools and the Animal Control Officer.  I will have a draft of what we’ve got in your packet.  The errors caught last time have been corrected, it has been spell checked, and I’m pleased that it’s nearly done. (You have no idea how much I agonize over this every year!). 

Appeals Board – Variance Denial – Gary asked to discuss this following an Appeals Board decision this week.  As you may be aware, the Appeals Board denied a variance to Broughman Builders after a residence was constructed too close to Douglas Highway.  While the Selectmen have no jurisdiction in the Appeals Board process, Gary wanted to discuss what the building permit process is as far as informing permit holders of their obligations to request inspections. 

Dispatch Contract – Hancock RCC – We have been asked to sign a new contract with the RCC to provide service to the Lamoine Fire Department.  They are updating their contracts.

Municipal Solid Waste Discussion – The latest communication sent is a legal review from an independent counsel about the proposed MRC Joinder Agreement.  I’ve started reading through this – it’s written in extreme legalese.  I will try to boil it down to one page if possible. 

Submerged Vessel – Here’s an interesting story.  Harbor Master David Herrick’s son had one of his lobster traps get hung up in something when he tried to haul it up.  Turned out to be a boat.  Diver Ed Monat from Bar Harbor took a dive with a camera to explore the submerged boat further.  It looks to be something that sank in the past few years.  I’m not sure what follow up there will be from it – I’ve not received a call back from the Marine Patrol yet. 

All for now – see you on the 11th.