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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of February 25, 2016


This will be your final regular meeting in this cycle as a Board of Selectmen prior to the election.  Thank you for your kindness and patience in the past year, and I look forward to another productive year for the town with whomever constitutes the next board. 

Minutes – February 11, 2016 – Please look over the minutes, any written corrections are most appreciated.

Expenditure Warrant 19 – The warrant will be posted on the website and periodically updated prior to the meeting with a hard copy available on the evening of the meeting.  We’ll have a school payroll and probably an accounts payable warrant on here.  You’ll notice a voucher for a new fax machine on here as well.  The machine supplied by the Secretary of State has given up the ghost after about 10-years.  The new one is now installed and working nicely.

Cash & Budget Reports – These too will be updated on the website with a hard copy for the meeting.

Foreclosed Property Status – I’ve had no communication from the personal representative of the former owner as of today.  I will keep you informed.

Fire Department Boiler – As of this writing there are two invoices from Osborne’s plumbing and I expect a third for Monday as the boiler was not heating up the fire station adequately during the recent cold snap.  I was able to get Osborne’s there in a hurry, and they replaced several parts that were not functioning well.  They also sent an engineer down who determined that while there is nothing wrong with the boiler, it is designed to operate in temperatures of zero and above.  Lower, and the building will not be as warm.  They recommend we do nothing at this time.  I was very impressed with their service again.

Public Hearing This is the opportunity for public discussion of the proposed amendment to the Donation Review Ordinance.  I do not expect a big crowd, but you never know!

Request from Karen Hood re: property survey – We received a certified letter from Mrs. Hood in regard to some sort of survey that was done for a piece of property she and her sister purchased several years ago.  She stated that I know the property tax maps are wrong.  I don’t ever recall making that statement.  We attempted years ago to clarify the boundary lines with little success.  I think Tony Beardsley still has the file.  I’ve done up a separate memo in regard to this.

Trash Transportation – Pine Tree Waste has agreed to a 4% increase as you requested (down from their 5% offer). 

MSW Options – Ken Smith has drawn up several comments on various documents produced by the MRC.  I’ve asked if he would summarize things for the town.  Those documents are in your packets.

Spirit of America Award – You asked for more time to think about this.  I printed out the history page of the organization’s website which should give more insight about this award.

Candidate’s Forum – Jo suggested the Board sponsor and conduct a forum prior to the election, and possibly hold it this meeting.  Because the board has not discussed this openly, I replied that there wasn’t much notice.  She also suggested 2/27, but Bernie & I are not available on that date (cheering competition).  The question is, does the Board wish to sponsor one, and if so, when?

Executive sessions- There are two matters for executive session.  One is to meet with the town attorney on the code enforcement violation, the other is to meet with the ACO regarding the complaint received last meeting.  I’m not sure which matter you wish to hear first, but I listed the attorney 1st as we’ll have to pay a higher rate.

That’s it for now.  See you on Thursday.