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Administrative Assistant's Report

We’ve had a busy couple of days with the fire department – mutual aid call to a structure fire in Ellsworth and a motor vehicle accident on Pinkhams Flats this (3/16/16) morning.  Thankfully no injury of import in the accident.

I’ve managed to get a lot out of my in-box this week including the Bureau of Labor Standards compliance materials, the property and casualty insurance application, the solid waste report (that’s in your packets), and the fiscal survey for Maine Municipal Association.  The next big project is the April Lamoine Quarterly!

You’ve got a few big decisions to make, but the agenda is relatively short.

Minutes – Two sets of minutes require approval.  Please read over both March 10, 2016 and the special meeting of March 15, 2016 and supply written changes if possible/needed.  

Warrant 21 – The warrant is posted on the website and will be updated periodically.  Hard copies will be on the table for Thursday.  Nothing terribly unusual on the warrant so far.  I expect a school payroll and accounts payable warrant will arrive soon, so this will bump it up. 

Cash & Budget Report – No red flags here that I can see.  Please, especially the new board members, feel free to ask questions about the budget reports.  I’m happy to make changes if you think the reports could be presented in any kind of improved format.

Foreclosed Property Disposal – The piece automatically acquired for unpaid 2013/14 taxes remains town acquired.  We got a $500 payment a few weeks ago and await the remainder.  The property owner understands that if they wait until after April 1, 2016, the price will go up to include the potential 2016/17 taxes.  I’ve not heard from him since the $500 payment.  You might need to set a deadline if we don’t hear from him.

Consent Agreement – Broughman Builders – We should have a final draft from Diane O’Connell for approval on Thursday.  I will e-mail the drafts when they come in.

ContractsPaving Consultant – We utilize Roger Picard (Pavement Management Services) to put the road paving for the summer out to bid and to supervise application of the pavement.  It’s a good service and in my opinion well worth the price in bid savings alone.  He was here the day after town meeting to measure up Raccoon Cove Road and MacQuinn Road as well as propose a plan to the School for paving the sidewalks.    His contract is in the packet.

Sweeping – We’ll have to sweep the roads this spring.  That should go out to bid (a proposed RFP is in your packets).  Opening date should be your 4/14 meeting.

Mowing – We’ve got more time on mowing, but this should be done as well. 

 E-mail Addresses & Social Media Policy – There was a request to discuss the town domain e-mail addresses assigned to each of you and to extend this to other boards. It’s pretty easily done, just a little time consuming. 

The other issue cropped up late in the last municipal election when I got a request at my home to post something on the town’s Facebook page in relation to campaign activity.   We don’t have any written policy regarding the Facebook page.  We have four people with administrative authority (me, Jennifer, Brett Jones & Jo) picked when we first established the page.  The question is, do you wish to establish a written policy for that?  I’m sure I can find something appropriate amongst my colleagues.

Solid Waste Options (MRC/PERC) – You need to decide which option to offer to the town meeting on May 24th.  We’ve heard the MRC presentation and Bob & I plan to attend the PERC presentation on the 17th and I’ll prepare a report on that.  

MRC has lined up several key communities.  I am not aware of PERC signing up any communities (possibly their host community, Orrington), but will try to find out more tomorrow.

Hodgkins Scholarship - The Board generally appoints a 3-person subcommittee to decide which applicants get how much scholarship funding from this fund.  I’ve put the paperwork in your packet.  I’ve put a link to the scholarship application on the website, and will publicize it on the Facebook page.

Cable TV Franchise Agreement – The franchise agreement expires in about a year.  Hancock and Trenton are both coming up on franchise agreement expirations.  I’ve suggested to both towns that we combine forces to negotiate a new contract jointly in order to save attorney fees, and administrators in both agree.  We should get going on this post haste. The Technology committee has this on their plate, but has not discussed it recently.

Transfer Station – We got an inspection from the DEP and passed with just a minor note on plastic litter that was blown around the facility.  I’ve copied that for the packet.   I spoke with Chris (actually he initiated the conversation) about the perimeter trash.  He started last week with cleaning out between the dumpsters and will tackle the perimeter in the next two weeks, so it should look pretty good. 

Out of the Office – Just a reminder that I will not be in the office between 3/31/16 and 4/9/16 as we’re taking an actual real vacation!

Lamoine Quarterly – If all goes well, I should have a draft of the Quarterly ready for you on Thursday (mind you, I haven’t even started it yet!).