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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of April 14, 2016

This is being composed March 30th as my wife & I prepare to head to the Caribbean for a very tropical vacation.  I’ll try to pack some sun and warm weather to bring back with us, but there are no guarantees!  We’re very much looking forward to our first real trip in more than 15-years that doesn’t involve children, cheering or college!  Thank you for the time off in advance.

Because of the short turnaround, the agenda is likely to grow during the week that we are gone.  Any urgent matters will go on the addendum for the 14th. 

Minutes – If you find any corrections, please write them down on the minutes – it’s easiest to put them into the final version that way.

Warrant 22 – There will be two payrolls on this warrant, as it’s actually 3-weeks between meetings this time around.  I’ll keep the warrant up to date on the town’s website, along with a current budget report.  Jennifer will be taking care of the month end reports, and those will be added to the warrant after we get back.

Cash & Budget Report – As noted above, the budget report will be updated on the website before we leave. 

Checking Account Reconciliation – This will be done when we return and sent to you via e-mail the week of April 11th. 

Quarterly Excise Tax Report – This will be done in time for the meeting and updated on the website.

Street Sweeping Bids – These are due the day of the meeting.  

Consent Agreement – Broughman Builders – I should have an update as to where things stand on meeting night.  If everything is in place, this will be ready for signature.

Guest Mooring Program – David Herrick and Kevin Murphy would like to meet with the board to update you on where things stand with a guest mooring in the Harbor.  The last time this was proposed, the board asked that a formal program be proposed.  I’ve not seen anything yet.

MSW Options – Following a call from Chip Reeves this afternoon, I prepared a lengthy memorandum on the timeline of the board’s decision to place this on the special town meeting warrant in May.  That was e-mailed to you today (3/30)

We also have a packet of material from PERC to renew a contract.  That’s not on the table at this point, as the board voted to present the MRC option to the town on May 24th.

Elderly Issues – I learned a great deal from the Maine Town & City Management Association interchange last Friday, all dealing with elderly matters.  I’ll do that up in a separate memorandum for you (with luck).

That’s it from this office.  I’m in hopes that everything that needs to get done before we depart has been and that it’s a very quiet week in Lamoine.   

See you on the 14th