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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of April 28, 2016

Wow, it seems like spring!  I’m starting this on Thursday afternoon – about to be called for a mutual aid fire in Ellsworth.  Fire danger is very high – we’ve stopped issuing burn permits for now.    OK, now I’m back (2 hours later)

Your agenda is pretty short, and there will only be three of you at the meeting.  I’ve got some work to get done!

Minutes Please write down any corrections that might be needed!

Warrant 23 – I’m not sure if we’ll get another school payroll in for this meeting or not.  So far, it’s fairly small.  There will be a town payroll on here. This will be on the website for now, final version to be in your packet at the table.

Budget Report – This will be updated on the website with a written copy that night. At last glance, things look good.

Special Town Meeting Warrant(s) – We’ve got to get the school budget figures to plug in.  I hope to have a draft of the warrants in your packets.

Consent Agreement – The signed copies of the originals are with Diane O’Connell.  She is following up with Broughman as far as compliance goes.

Proclamation Recognizing Don Clark – Folks organizing a benefit for Mr. Clark have requested a recognition of his many decades of service helping others.  As you may know he’s battling some pretty serious issues, and there is a fundraising event for him at the Elks Club next month.  I’ll do up a proclamation for the meeting.

Guest Mooring Policy I’ve checked with our insurance carrier and we are covered up to the tort maximum liability.  Maritime law may differ, but they say several towns offer guest moorings, and there has never been an issue.  David Herrick says the Army Corps would like an application, so we’re going to submit that early next week.  I will be working on an actual policy in the next few days.

Next Meetings – You’ll notice item “c” which calls for a possible special selectmen’s meeting following the town meeting.  The reason for that is there is a deadline following acceptance of the MRC language to execute the joinder agreement, and you are not due to meet until June 2nd.  They have extended the deadline to June 1st.   My thought would be to have your meeting right after the town meeting to sign the agreement (presuming that it passes).

That’s it for now.  See you Thursday!