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For Meeting of May 12, 2016

Things are hopping around the town office.  The Planning Board approved an enlarged subdivision last night, they’re working on a new commercial building venture on Jordan River Road with a public hearing set for next month.  The Assessors are doing their spring work for new construction.  Lamoine Harbor is starting to get busy – we’re selling mooring permits.  The new shellfish license season gets under way next month.  The fire department is completing its annual training.  The Conservation Commission is having a program on the 4th (I’ve started writing this on Tuesday).  We’ve done a slew of new vehicles in the past few weeks, and we’ve got a pair of special town meetings coming up.

Personally, it’s baseball season for me, and I’m doing a game almost every night!  It’s also my daughter’s significant other’s graduation this Saturday, so we’re headed to Vermont on Friday for the weekend to be with them. 

You’ve got a fairly mild agenda again (thankfully). 

Minutes, April 28, 2016 – Please look over the minutes of your 23 minute meeting and submit written corrections if you would.

Warrant 24 There will likely be a school payroll and accounts payable warrant on here.  I don’t know how much, but we most likely will have to shift some funds from the investment management account to cover those expenditures. 

Cash & Budget Report – These will be updated periodically on the town website (as will the warrant), with a hard copy printed for your meeting.

Checking Reconciliation Review – The checkbook balances – I’ve e-mailed the files to the board.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Investment Management Accounts – VZW Payment – As was e-mailed, we’ve received the $20,000 payment for the cell tower lease extension.  I’ve allocated that as directed by town meeting.  I’ve printed off the spreadsheet from First Advisors showing account balances to give you an idea of what kind of money we have in the investment accounts.

Guest Mooring Policy – The date range for the guest mooring availability has been added to the policy.  I’m looking for any further feedback prior to the meeting with a hope that it can be approved.

Lobster Cars – Harbor Master David Herrick has requested that the folks who have mooring permits for lobster cars move them to the edge of the harbor so that they don’t interfere with the commercial and recreational craft.  At least one of the lobster car owners is resistant to that idea and may submit a complaint to the Selectmen about it.  I’ve put a copy of the letters that David sent as well as a copy of the Harbor Ordinance in your packets.

Spring Road Projects – My plan is to hit the roads in the next few days and draw up a list of recommended road repairs for the spring.  There is a fair amount of winter damage because of the soft ground and snow removal (even here at the town office!).   This will be a separate memo. If it’s not done by the time packets are ready, I will e-mail it for your review prior to the meeting.

Consent Agreement Update – The town attorney has been communicating with the builders.  It looks like the driveway has been moved, but we still await a check and an internal plumbing hookup permit.

Special Town Meeting – I’m not sure what preparations you might want for the town meeting.  The MRC question is likely to be the most confusing. 

Appointed Personnel – In your packet is a list of folks whose terms expire at the end of June, whether paid or volunteer.  For the new selectmen, there actually is an appointment policy, and I’ll endeavor to put that in the packet.

In the past, you have conducted job performance reviews with the regular paid staff. Let’s talk about that process and how you wish to handle it, schedule it, and the like.

The regular staff also operates under contracts which individual set out the pay rate, compensated absences and benefits.  Four of the five of us are year to year (I’ve got a 3-year contract).  I’m not sure how the board wishes to pursue renewals.

Future Meetings – Your next meeting is just a week after this one.  I’m not sure if there will be much to discuss.  This is a busy baseball night, and they’ve schedule me to ump at MDI for a 4:30 game, which will give me enough time to get back for the meeting.

If the MRC question passes on the 24th, you should sign the documents at a meeting right after that. 

You talked about a meeting on August 11th.  That’s a conflict for me, as it’s right in the middle of the Town & City Management Association Institute that I plan to attend.  Maybe the 18th?

See you Thursday,