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Administrative Assistant's Report

For meeting of May 24, 2016

Remember, you’ll be meeting immediately following the special town meeting, at the school.  If you don’t get your packet ahead of time, I’ll have them at the school.

Speaking of the town meeting, the school budget will be up first, and I’m sure the school department will be well prepared for questions.  Both the MRC and the PERC folks plan to attend the meeting in order to ask questions.  It’s my plan to moderate the meeting and basically act as a traffic cop on the conversation (directing questions to the correct folks, allowing commentary by only registered voters, etc.).

One of my tasks in the next few days is to get the utility pole flags up.  I’m writing this Thursday, May 19th, and hope to get started on that Friday.

The agenda is purposely short.

Minutes – Look over the May 12th minutes for any corrections that are needed.  Written corrections will be especially appreciated since we’re at the school.

Warrant 25 – There may not be a school payroll on here since it will be Tuesday, and they generally don’t get the payroll done until later in the day.  So far, it’s a fairly small warrant.  It will be periodically updated on the town’s website and the written copy will be at the meeting.

Cash & Budget Reports – Things are looking very healthy as we near the last month of the fiscal year.  The reports will be updated on the website periodically and written copies at the meeting.

Solid Waste Options – If the town meeting approves the Fiberight/MRC proposal, I will have the paperwork at the meeting to sign.  If that does not receive approval, you should schedule a special town meeting for another option (PERC?).  You could also use an article similar to Hancock to give voters a choice, or an article similar to other communities giving the Board of Selectmen the final choice. 

FYI – the City of Ellsworth has opted to stay with PERC in a 4-3 vote.  As mentioned last meeting, Hancock is sticking with PERC.

Technology Recommendation – A separate (lengthy) memorandum is with your packet on some computer replacement recommendations, and operating system upgrades.  Please look it over ahead of time if you can.

Consent Agreement Update – The LPI went to inspect the internal plumbing at the building in question and failed it because the permit did not include several appliances that did not come with the building.  I’ve kept the town attorney informed of where things stand. 

Compensation – CEO/LPI – We have not discussed how we intend to compensate Mike Jordan and Rick Gallegos for their work.  I’m going to work on a proposal to give them and you as a starting point.  This could be a matter for executive session if you and they wish, though any approval would have to be done in open session.   

Upcoming Meetings – The June meetings will have employee reviews.  Jennifer is set to be at the 6/16 meeting.  I can do mine on either date.  I’ve not yet scheduled Rick G. and Chris M, but will do so.

See you on Tuesday!