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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of June 2, 2016

As I write on Thursday May 26, 2016, the weather has turned gorgeous!  The quick meeting turnaround kind of snuck up on me.  The meeting agenda isn’t all that long, and the last part will be in executive session.

Minutes – The minutes from your brief meeting following the Special Town Meeting are in your packets for review.  Written changes are most welcome.

Warrant 26 – This will be posted on line and printed the day of the meeting.  There are school warrants on this one, so it’ll be a lot higher than the previous one.  There is a payment to WNSX for advertising for the Memorial Day ceremony from the Vets Memorial Fund that Gary arranged.  There will also be a payment to Computer Essentials for repairs to the CEO Laptop (they had to remove some viruses), but that should be working a lot better now.  Depending on the timing, the new desktop machines will be on here too.

Cash & Budget Reports – This will also be posted on the website and printed for meeting night.  With about a month left, we’re looking pretty good.  I don’t see any cost overruns at this point.

Checking Account Reconciliation – If all goes well, this will be ready on June 1st and distributed via e-mail for your review. 

Abatement Request – Chris Norris, who ran the Pro-Auto business in North Lamoine, went out of business a couple of years ago and says he has no personal property worth much of anything anymore, and hasn’t for a couple of years.  He had not informed the Assessors of this until now.  He owes several years of back taxes and has agreed to start paying $100/month to satisfy that. 

I’ve put his abatement request in your packets as you are the board that must decide on this because it has been more than 185 days since the tax commitments for the years involved.  I would recommend that the personal property taxes for 2014/15 and 2015/16 be abated, leaving the balances due for the two prior years.

Sesquicentennial Committee – I know it’s only 2016, but our 150th birthday will be in 2020 and the town meeting has already raised $5,000 in next year’s budget, and the cell tower lease payment has added $6,666.66 for the celebration.  This event ought to have a committee, and you should discuss how to form one.    I look forward to this discussion.

Solid Waste Disposal Options – Since the town meeting rejected the MRC proposal, you will have to decide how to proceed to place something before a town meeting.  As mentioned at the town meeting, PERC is an option, but they want to know something by the end of the year.   You’ve had several e-mails from George Wood lately offering to help.

Kathleen requested the article from Hancock which gave the town meeting a choice on which option to pick, be available.  It’s in your packet. 

We also heard at the town meeting that it doesn’t sound like there are enough unpledged tons left for the MRC to meet its 150,000 ton goal to proceed with the Fiberight plant. 

Let’s discuss what strategy you might want to employ in regard to the town’s solid waste future. 

Broughman Consent Agreement Update – As of this writing, there is still no payment for the fine and attorney fees.  That is the last part of the consent agreement to be satisfied.  I will ask Diane O’Connell for her thoughts on how to proceed if this is not resolved by meeting night.

Vacancy – Comp Planning Committee – We await a recommendation from the committee on how to fill Brett’s seat.

Job Performance Reviews - You will review both the Transfer Station manager and my job performances in executive session.  I’ll have evaluation sheets in the packet.  Part of the sheet is a self-evaluation.  I will drop one for Chris tomorrow and ask that he fill it out ahead of time.  You’ll have mine in your packet (I’m doing that next!). 

See you Thursday night.