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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of June 16, 2016

Good heavens it has been hectic at the town office this month.  With next week’s primary election, a computer conversion, family emergencies for both of us here, it’s nuts.   The good news is, we’ve been able to handle most of it.  We had to close for a while yesterday (June 8th) due to an injury to Jennifer’s daughter.  We’ll be closed at lunch today as the annual fire department hose testing requires me to be there.

We’ll have a 5th Selectman for the meeting.  Good luck to both candidates, and thank you for being willing to run and serve. As in the previous campaign, we had a request to place on the town’s Facebook page a message about molesting campaign signs.  As before, I’ve opted to have the Facebook page stay out of it.  The candidate who made the request sought other means to spread that message.

You’ve got a very busy agenda, and remember, the Hodgkins Scholarship Committee begins at 6PM!

Scholarship – This will be in executive session. I’ll be here with the subcommittee to get you going.  You have several applications.

Minutes – June 2, 2016 – Please submit any written changes that might be needed.

Warrant 27 – You’ll find the two new computer purchases on here.  There is a school payroll and most likely an AP warrant from the school as well.  We will need to transfer some money in from investments to cover those.

Warrant 28 – You won’t meet until mid-July.  I’d like to have you swing by individually on June 30th to sign an expenditure warrant at the end of the fiscal year if possible. 

Cash & Budget Reports – Cash flow is still looking very positive.  I don’t believe we’re looking to go over budget on anything at this time.

30-day notices – Once Election Day is past, Jennifer & I will get working to send out the required 30-day lien notices for unpaid property taxes.  We’ve sent gentle reminders to folks who owe less than $25.00 with pretty good results.

Roadside Mowing – You’ll open the bids at this meeting, and I would recommend awarding the job, too.  The grass is pretty high.

Solid Waste – Ken Smith has agreed to come meet with the board as you prepare a strategy for where to send our trash in the future.

Appointments – I’ve attached a list of positions, current office holders, and suggested appointees.  So far, no one has contacted me to offer services on any particular volunteer committee, but most of the ‘incumbents’ have agreed to offer themselves for reappointment.

Commendation – Honor Grads – A small senior class this year, and all three honor grads from town attend MDI High School.  You’ll have certificates to sign to congratulate them.

Consent Agreement – Broughman – I’ve let Diane O’Connell know we’ve still not received payment.  I’ve copied her reply for your packet.

Shellfish Warden Insurance – I’ve e-mailed Dick Fennelly and MMA Legal for clarification on this matter.  Dick’s reply is in your packet.  When I get MMA Legal’s, you’ll get that too.

Wikipedia – The proposed listing from Kathleen is in your packet.

Lamoine Quarterly – To be honest, I’ve not started it yet.

Computers – We’ve purchased two brand new desktops.  One will be used by Code Enforcement, the other is the 2nd unit for the Town Clerk’s Office.  Neither has been installed as of this writing – I’m waiting to hear from the school department on purchasing a couple more licenses for Microsoft Office for both.   All the other computers in the building have been upgraded to Windows 10 with pretty good success.  They’re all talking to each other, except for the XP machine in the clerk’s office.  I plan to possibly replace that tomorrow.

The other problem I’m having involves printing from the database on my computer.  It doesn’t seem to want to in some instances.  We have the new version that works with Windows 10 which I’ve not had time to install yet – looks like we’ll have to.

Traffic Light – I’ve had several calls from the Sheriff’s Department this week concerning traffic backups at the Cheese House traffic light.  It’s pretty bad at about 4PM.   I called Lane Construction, the contractor on that project, and they have been in touch with MDOT and an engineer will make recommendations for changing the light pattern to accommodate the heavy traffic.  It’s in the works.

Performance Reviews/Contract Negotiation – Jennifer & Rick will meet with you in executive session.  I’ve asked them to submit their self-evaluations. 

I’ll also do up new contracts for those contracted employees. They might not be ready for your packets until next week.  Mike Jordan has approved the interim LPI document you looked over last meeting and that’ll be ready for signature.

We’ll see you on Thursday.