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Administrative Assistant's Report

For meeting of June 30, 2016

Remember, this meeting starts at 6:00 PM.  We’ve had a few issues come up between last Thursday and today that need to be discussed prior to meeting with the town attorney.

Minutes, June 16, 2016Make sure they’re correct – written corrections are easiest for me to process.

Expenditure Warrant 28 – The final school payroll and AP warrant for the fiscal year are on here.  We will likely have to move a few thousand dollars into the checking account to cover that.  You’ll notice that the payroll amounts are higher than normal for myself and Jennifer.  Our contracts divide the payroll into 27-installments, with the remainder due on the last payroll warrant of the fiscal year.  This would be that payroll.

The warrant will be updated on the website periodically and a hard copy printed for the meeting.

Cash & Budget Reports – When I checked, expenditures were all well within budget, revenues were higher than budgeted in many lines and collectively we’re in good shape. We’ll end the fiscal year with well over $1,000,000 in cash available.  It’s been a very good year.

Tax Lien Notices – I’m writing this the morning of June 23rd.  Lien notices are going out later today. We have a lot of them (154 to be precise).  This is a 30-day notice that a lien will be placed on those folks who have not paid the 2015/16 taxes in full. 

Request of Planning Board/CEO to utilize town attorney – A separate memorandum on this matter is in your packets.

Tax Collector/Treasurer Contract – The proposed contract is in your packets.

Lamoine Quarterly – This has not been my highest priority this month – we’ve had a lot going on to catch up on.  I plan to work feverishly in the next few days to put it together and have it ready for approval at this meeting.

Meeting Schedule – The regular meeting dates for September and October are the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month.  If there are conflicts, please let me know. 

Executive Session – You’ll meet with Diane O’Connell regarding execution of the consent agreement approved a few weeks ago.

That’s all for this meeting (I hope).