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Administrative Assistant's Report

For meeting of July 14, 2016


I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend.  Sorry to be so late getting packets together.  Between Monday’s holiday and Thursday being out to attend to my wife having surgery (it went well), and mediation today (Friday the 8th), I’m a little behind on things.  This report (like the meeting agenda) will be brief.

Minutes – June 30, 2016 – Please look them over.  I really appreciate corrections!

Warrant 1 – This is going to be a large warrant and will require transfer from the investment management account to cover.  Many of the bills are accounts payable from the previous fiscal year that have come in.  The largest is the fire truck loan payment.  There are school payroll and accounts payable warrants as well.  I will tackle that on Monday.  The one time payment things such as social service agencies, Shellfishing, ambulance contract and the like are usually on this warrant, and there is no reason to change that this year. 

Date to Sign Warrant 2 – You don’t have a meeting until August 18th.  I would suggest that I’ll have warrant 2 ready by July 28th to sign.  I’ll also strive to have a warrant done when I leave on August 9th for the town manager’s convention.

Cash & Budget Reports – The report that will be ready is for FY 16 which ended June 30th.   If all goes well, I’ll have a FY 17 report formatted and ready to print for your meeting too.  I’ll update that on line as well.

Checking Account Reconciliation - This was sent by e-mail.  It balanced nicely.

Excise Tax Quarterly Report I’ve printed this off for the packet and it’s posted on the website.

Encumbrance Orders – I’ve not yet prepared these.  I hope to have them ready next week and will e-mail it prior to the meeting.

Solid Waste Options – I’ve not yet heard from Ken Smith since the last meeting but will drop him an e-mail to see if he has any recommendation on how to proceed. 

Welcome to Lamoine Packet – I’ve not had time yet to include the heating assistance section (and will include a general assistance section).  If all goes well, it’ll be ready for Thursday.

Appointment Policy – Nathan asked that this be on the agenda.  I’ve printed a copy of the current policy for your packets.

Consent Agreement – Diane O’Connell has your authorization to proceed as she has recommended.  There has been no action that I am aware of.  No selectman has issued any questions since last meeting. 

Mediation Session – it was the shortest in the mediator’s history – there was no agreement possible.

MMA Executive Committee – The ballot is in your packet (everyone’s unopposed).

That’s all I have for now.  See you on Thursday!