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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of August 18, 2016

It has only been about 3-weeks since you last met, but it seems like forever!  The New England Management Institute I attended most of last week was very enlightening.  Much of it discussed the younger generation, their habits and ways to attract them to a community and possibly into participation with the municipal government.  The keynote speaker was the mayor of Ithaca New York.  What an impressive young man – he’s into his 2nd term as mayor at the age of 29, and he’s well spoken, has great ideas, and loves local government. We can discuss some of his suggestions at our goals setting session.

Kathleen is unable to attend the meeting due to a work conflict.  She sent an e-mail to you on a couple of matters, and a printed copy is in your packet.  My apologies at getting this report together later than usual, but I was out of the office from Tuesday until Friday afternoon, and the work was very backed up. 

Minutes – There are two sets to approve; July 14, 2016 and July 28, 2016.  If you have written corrections, they work best for me.

Warrant 3 – This is a long warrant mainly due to the amount of time that has elapsed between meetings.  We will be transferring some cash into the investment account which will mean a large warrant.  That’ll be one of the last entries on the warrant.  The warrant is fairly current on the website.

 Cash & Budget Reports – I’ll have printouts of both fiscal years for your packet.  They’re also updated on the website.  (FY 2016) (FY 2017)

Checking Account Reconciliation – The July 31st reconciliation was sent to you via e-mail.  There were no problems balancing.

Appointment Policy – The policy as amended in July is ready for signature.

Recreation Committee – The committee is recommending that Patti Haslam be appointed to a full seat, and that Butch Swanberg be brought on as an alternate member.

Sesquicentennial Committee – We’ve had a few takers.  Carol Duffy, Cynthia Donaldson and Gordon Donaldson have offered their services, and Jo expressed a strong desire to serve too. I would recommend that the board appoint all of them, and the first order of their business will be to recruit more committee members.

Vacancy – Conservation Commission Alternate – Nancy Pochan I believe told the Commission she would step down as an alternate when her term expired at the end of June.  I reached out by e-mail to ask if she was willing to be reappointed, and have heard nothing.  My suggestion is that the alternate seat be declared open and advertise for potential appointees.  We’ve had one person express interest already.

Planning Board – Map 4 Lot 36- There is a memorandum from Planning Board chair John Holt in regard to the Marlboro Mist II subdivision and the discrepancy that took place when the remaining land lot was split and sold.  The question before the board would be whether the town wishes to initiate any sort of action on this.

Paper Talks Ad – The fellow from Paper Talks magazine has asked whether the town wants to buy an ad in the upcoming issue where there is a large feature article on Walt & Marion McFarland (complete with lots of pictures, including our esteemed chair).  It was about $125 for an ad. Your call.

Trail Mapping – As I reported via e-mail, we had a lovely hike in the woods to map out three somewhat public trail areas.  These will be linked shortly from our website. 

Floodplain Ordinance – The paper maps that FEMA has provided are relatively useless, but the on-line maps are awesome.  I’ll be putting a link to those on the website as well.  The state has accepted the ordinance that was passed in May.  They did question the lack of an application fee.  I explained to the person at the State office that because a floodplain application would be accompanied by a Shoreland Zoning application, the charge for an SZO permit is plenty.

Fire Engine 401 – When I last saw the fire chief, the truck was still being repaired in Island Falls.  There is an estimate for the additional work for about $6,000.00.  I would suggest this be a special town meeting article (from undesignated fund balance) along with the solid waste thing.

Special Town Meeting – Might I suggest that Thursday, October 13, 2016 at 6:30 PM be the magic date?  You could have your Selectman’s meeting either before or after that.

Kathleen has suggested that a warrant article similar to one that Hancock voted on, which gave the town an option of either MRC or PERC be placed on the warrant.  Ken Smith has suggested language to include a landfilling option in Norridgewock.   He plans to attend your meeting.  I’m looking for direction from the Board on how to write the town meeting warrant for you to sign on September 8th.

Shore Access Update – Kathleen addressed this matter in her e-mail from earlier today (August 15th).

Hardship Abatement Request – there is information in your packet regarding this matter as requested from the applicant.  Remember this is a confidential session.

All for now – see you Thursday.