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For meeting of September 22, 2016

I’m writing this at mid-day on September 15, 2016.  The fire department responded this morning to a trailer fire, two doors down from the East Lamoine Baptist Church/Historical Society.  The building was engulfed in flames when we arrived, and there was no saving it.  It did not spread to the nearby woods or to any homes.  The mobile home was owned by a gentleman from Massachusetts.  I’ve spoken with him, and he has insurance.  We had tremendous mutual aid help from Trenton, Hancock and Ellsworth. 

Jennifer & I attended the annual Bureau of Motor Vehicles refresher class this morning in Ellsworth.  When we got into the office, the phones and internet were out – (they still are as I write). 

The agenda isn’t all that long for this meeting.

Minutes – September 8, 2016 – Look over the minutes please, submit corrections in written form if you could.

Warrant 5 – Nothing huge on here yet other than the school payroll.  The warrant will be updated periodically on the website (once we get Internet back) and printed for the night of the meeting

Cash & Budget Reports – No issues here, either. 

Complaint – Subdivision Split – I’ll have a separate memorandum on this issue.  Basically, we’re looking for guidance on how to proceed.

Lamoine Beach – A separate memorandum is in your packets on this.

Legal Services Agreement – Dan Pileggi has sent an agreement to have his firm represent the town in the CTV Franchise Renewal.  I would recommend that we sign it.

Abatement Hearing – This is an FYI only – the assessors asked for legal representation.  The County Commissioners have rescheduled the hearing for October. 

Board Chair Meeting Date – Suggested October 20 – I couldn’t pull together this meeting on such short notice from last week’s meeting, so I would suggest that we have it October 20th.  Let’s talk about a format/agenda at this meeting.

Lamoine Quarterly – Perhaps I’ll have some of it done, maybe not.  I’ll do my best.

Goals List If all goes well, there will be a separate document with the goal list you came up with in the past couple of meetings, and I’ll try to expand each item to make sure we’re all on the same page.

Budget Goals – While we’re talking goals, let’s discuss what the board would like to do with the budget for the next fiscal year.  This will allow me to draft up what you wish to present to the budget committee.

Meeting Schedule – You set the October & November meetings last time.  It’s really helpful to me to set out the December, January and February meetings as long in advance as possible.

That’s all for now – if only the Internet would come back on.