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Administrative Assistant's Report

For meeting of October 13, 2016


The hectic atmosphere of tax collection in the town office has been replaced by the hectic atmosphere of absentee balloting.  We received numerous applications prior to ballots becoming available (they arrived on Friday, September 30th), and Jennifer and I have gotten all the applications processed and ballots mailed.  More requests continue to come in via on-line applications and in person.  I think it’s going to be a busy election day!

Your meeting will immediately follow the special town meeting on the 13th.  I’ll try to get the TV system set up to record both meetings.  We do not have anyone on board at this time to do that sort of thing – something we might discuss on the 20th with our board chairs.

Minutes – September 22, 2016 – Please review the minutes for any corrections needed.

Expenditure Warrant 6 – There will be two town payrolls and a school payroll in addition to the normal payments.  A warrant will be posted on the website and updated periodically and a hard copy printed for meeting night.

Cash & Budget Reports – Thanks to an unexpected (on my part) education payment from the state, we did not have to transfer any funds into the checking account to cover the previous warrant.  We will have to make a transfer for this warrant, I am sure.  This will be updated on the website as well, and a hard copy will be available at the meeting.

Checking Account Reconciliation – The checking account reconciliation files were e-mailed to you on October 3rd.  All balanced up relatively smoothly.

Appointments & Resignations – Paul Davis has confirmed that he is officially stepping down as our representative on the Shellfish Conservation Committee and a written resignation has been received.  He said Bob Alvarez Jr. has been acting in this capacity for a while.  We should appoint Mr. Alvarez to give him the authority to do so.

Chris Meyer will be out for a minor health matter this coming weekend (10/7 & 10/8).  Rick Gallegos will fill in for him.  Chris has recommended that a young man named Chance Day who lives on Misty Way be his backup.  I have enclosed a job application and a background check report in the packets.  Mr. Day has done some mechanical work for Chris and should be able to handle the position. 

Neila McIntyre has offered to serve on the Lamoine 150 committee.  I have e-mailed the committee to see if they would recommend that she serve as an alternate member.  I await a response.  The committee meets on the 12th.

Musty Odor at the town hall – I’m not sure if someone has been rooting around the basement and stirred up the dirt floor a bit, but the last two days (10/4 & 10/5) has seen a rather musty smell here in the town hall.  I checked the basement, there does not seem to be any water leak.  I will try spreading some baking soda or lime to see if that clears the air so to speak.  If it doesn’t, we might need to get some professional help to track down the odor.

Small Claims Court – Due to a medical procedure for Bonnie, I’ll not be able to be in on December 5th, nor can I go to court with Diane O’Connell on the Wight matter.  She is going to postpone that until January.  That date has not yet been determined.

MDOT Regional Transportation Meeting – There is a flyer from MDOT in your packets for the meeting on the 12th at the Gateway Center in Trenton.  If anyone can attend and has thoughts on the transportation planning process, please do so.  I am not available.

Elected Officials Meeting – Unfortunately this meeting at the Somesville Fire Station is on October 20th, the same evening as your next meeting.  The good news is that it starts at 5PM, so you can stay for about an hour and a half.  The agenda is in your packets. 

Speeding Complaints – The Hancock County Sheriff’s Office has fielded, sometimes through this office, several speeding complaints.  They have recommended that we install 45MPH signs on both ends of Walker Road.  They have an electronic sign which they’ve had in town for a few weeks now, first on Birchlawn, then on Buttermilk, and now on Walker.  Neighbors say the sign has slowed traffic on Buttermilk.  I reinstalled a 25MPH sign on Birchlawn last week.

Tree Trimming Bid – It is time to cut back the Buttermilk Road as the trees on both sides of the road have started to encroach the shoulders and travel lanes.  I’ve drafted up a bid advertisement with submissions due on November 3rd.

Shore Access Update – The Conservation Commission and Kathleen have formed a subcommittee to explore this matter, and they meet on October 6th.  I am in hopes that Kathleen will have an update for you.

Annual Town Meeting Date – My goodness, it seems a bit early to be thinking about this, but you should set a date soon so that we’ll know when to make nomination papers available and to give a heads up to the Budget Committee and other boards that may need items addressed at the next annual town meeting.  My suggestion is March 7 & 8, but perhaps a week later would be better (weather, and the moderator’s birthday is on one of those dates, if he’s available).  Your call.

Budget Workshop – If all goes well, I’ll have a draft ready for the Administration Budget.  The Budget Committee meets on October 17th and will set up their schedule at that meeting.

Meeting Schedule – If you could set the January meeting dates, that would be most appreciated.  Thursdays in January are the 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th.  Kathleen’s schedule has her available for the 12th and 26th. 

See you on the 13th.   sm