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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of November 3, 2016


I can’t tell you how glad the town office staff will be that Election Day will soon be a memory.  Absentee balloting has been extremely busy, and that has eaten into time needed to do other things here in the office tremendously.  I am writing on the 27th, so there is just a week left to request absentee ballots.  We expect that it will be quite busy. We’ve already seen about 200-ballots requested. You’ve got a fairly busy agenda for the 3rd.

Minutes – October 20, 2016 – The board chairs meeting was boiled down to bullet points, since there were no motions made or votes taken on anything.  I tried to capture in a sentence or two what the discussion involved. Please look over the minutes and make any written corrections you come up with.

Expenditure Warrant 8 – Reality has hit – the first snow plowing bill of the season is on here (even though it hasn’t snowed yet!).  I expect a sizable school warrant as well, as the Bond Bank payment is coming due.  I’ve ordered a couple of things – one is a trash can for the dog waste bags at Marlboro Beach, the other being toilet paper for the outhouses. I also renewed the Carbonite backup for 3-more years.  The warrant will be periodically updated on the town’s website before the meeting, and the final printed out for signature that night.

Cash & Budget Reports – This will also be updated on the website periodically and printed for meeting night.

Checking Account Reconciliation – When that is available and completed, an e-mail with the various files will be sent for approval at the meeting. 

Buttermilk Road Tree Trim Bids – These are due on the 3rd.

MacQuinn v. Town – There is a message from the town attorney asking that someone be present in Bangor to accompany him at a hearing on November 15th.  Jennifer is on vacation that week.  If no Selectman can be in court, I will close the office and go if you wish. I can see if Nancy Jones can work, too.

CEO – Planning Board Complaint – In your packet is material from the Code Enforcement Officer’s Manual in regard to issuing a notice of violation.  This might (or may not) prove helpful on the complaint from the Planning Board on the Marlboro Mist II subdivision. 

CEO – Hours – Rick is also requesting to change the CEO hours from Mondays (noon to 2) to Mondays from 9am to 11am.  I want to run that past you.  He’s been very good about responding when needed, and the amount of routine business has not been overwhelming for the current schedule. You can talk about that with him.

Ordinance Amendment Requests – The Conservation Commission is proposing that a change be made to their enabling ordinance.  A memo from Larry Libby to John Holt is enclosed in your packet.  This could be accomplished at the March 8, 2017 town meeting.

The Planning Board is requesting that a section of the Building & Land Use Ordinance be revised so that it reads correctly.  It somehow got missed the last time the ordinance was amended.

Cable TV – Dan Pileggi got the first draft of a new franchise agreement back.  It contains some very significant changes which I’ve commented back to Dan on.  I’ve put my concerns in your packet.  If there are others, please let me know.

School Wiring Plan – The Tech Committee has approved of a modified plan to wire the school for cameras in the Gym and I am sending that to Connectivity Point for a final estimate.  This has been an exasperating process, and I hope we can move forward.

Goals – Gary wanted to follow up on the Board chair meeting last time.  I have a separate memo in regard to the discussion about pollution closures and the DMR. 

I’ve also done kind of a running list of the goals, what’s been done thus far, and what is needed.  This will be updated on a quarterly basis (or more often if you wish). 

Holiday Schedule – Thanksgiving is on November 24th this year.  The town office is closed on that date, as well as November 11th for Veterans Day.  We are one of the few offices open on the day after Thanksgiving. 

Both Christmas and New Year’s Day are on a Sunday this year.  The 31st (New Year’s Eve) would be the last Saturday of the month, so we would normally be open then.  Our contracts say that we get the Monday after Christmas and the Monday after New Year’s Day off when it falls on a Sunday.

I have not spoken with Chris Meyer, but the normal open hours for the transfer station do not interfere, so I propose no changes to the Transfer Station schedule.  We probably will have to schedule an extra pickup on the Saturday following Christmas (12/31) 

Town Clerk Vacation – I don’t mean to let the cat out of the bag, but an event is taking place on November 12th that will require Jennifer to take the week after off for vacation (honeymoon). 

Meeting Schedule – January 12th and 26th should not be a conflict, and that’s what I recommend for dates after consulting the Ellsworth HS girls’ basketball schedule and Kathleen’s Schedule.  February is another matter.  Kathleen is not available on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays.  The final regular season game for Nathan’s daughter is on the 2nd Thursday, and if Ellsworth makes it to the semi-final round of the tourney, they’ll most likely play on the 4th Thursday.  If the Board is going to meet on Thursdays in February, something will have to give.  Let’s discuss that.

I’ll have more budget stuff ready (provided the fire pager stops going off!).

See you on the 3rd.