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For Meeting of November 17, 2016


Now that Election Day is over, it almost seems like a bit of a letdown in here.  I’m pretty proud of our election crew.  We had 835-ballots cast on Tuesday, which meant a lot of people came in and out of the building in a 12-hour time span.  There were no issues!  Jennifer & I registered somewhere around 50 new voters on Election Day, and there were no issues with that, either.  I did hear, anecdotally, that someone tried to place a political banner near the polls, but the people outside told them to take it down.  Later in the day a man came into the building asking for the warden (me) and wanted me to tell him where the 250-foot limit was for placing a banner.  I told him he could measure it himself (there were people backed up waiting to register to vote).

The meeting on the 17th is jam packed with excitement (OK, I might be a little facetious here). I’m writing this on the 10th, and hope to have packets ready to pick up at tonight’s meeting.

Minutes – There will be two sets of minutes after this evening – November 3 & November 10.  If all goes well, I’ll have tonight’s meeting minutes done up in time for the meeting.  When they are drafted, I will post them on the town’s website.

Warrant 9 – Richard McMullen is finishing up on some of the road projects assigned earlier this year.  He’s done a very good job – they’re more expensive than I had budgeted, but overall this should come in under budget, and some of the projects were encumbered from last year.  An updated warrant will be posted on the town’s website, and a printed report will be at your seats meeting night.   A school payroll and AP warrant will also be on our warrant – we’ll have to transfer more money from investment management to cover those checks.

Cash & Budget Reports – Other than the road projects identified above, there are no issues with the budget. 

MacQuinn v. Planning Board – Following tonight’s meeting, there may or may not be something to report on at the meeting on the 17th.

Recreational Marijuana Use – Kathleen had suggested putting this on an agenda following statewide consideration of the referendum question.  As of this writing, the “Yes” side is proclaiming victory, but it’s a very narrow margin.  In Lamoine, voters rejected the idea, but it appears as if the measure has passed statewide. 

I have put some of the 30-pages of language from the legislation behind the referendum question in your packet. This may be something the Board wants to put before the town in regard to allowing local regulation of establishments that would sell marijuana.

Subdivision Complaint Update – If there is anything new on this, you’ll hear about it at the meeting. 

PERC Contracts – As I was writing up the agenda, the proposed contracts with PERC were e-mailed down.  They are the same as was sent earlier this year.  They are in your packet. You’ll have to decide whether you wish to go with the 10 year version or the 15-year version.  It costs less per ton to go 15-years.  You can discuss it, and perhaps we’ll have it ready to sign on December 1st.

CTVFranchise Agreement – Dan has drafted up a counter offer to the Time Warner/Charter offer to address the concerns that were transmitted to him.  I’ve got the draft in your packet.

School Wiring Project – Connectivity Point has the package that you saw last meeting.  I await a proposal.

Goals – Community Center Concept.   This is one of the goals that was listed, but you’ve had no real discussion yet.  The current year budget has set aside money to start a fund for a town hall foundation/relocation project.  The board should discuss how it wishes to get the ball rolling on this idea.

Budget Workshop – I’ve sent Parks, Recreation, CEO, Planning Board and Dick Fennelly requests for input on the budget for the areas listed on the agenda.  I’ll have the capital budget done up for your meeting if nothing else.  

Remember, the Budget Committee meets on Monday the 14th to take up some of what you’ve approved thus far.

I don’t have anything for Executive Session at this point.

See you on Thursday!