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For meeting of December 1, 2016


I’m writing this on November 22nd, and it’s been a bit of a crazy day.  The water company lost water this morning, and Superintendent Kane came to our office with the notice they sent out. Thankfully, it’s fixed as of this afternoon, and things should be back to normal by tonight.

I hope everyone has good reason to be thankful this Thanksgiving.  Your meeting agenda is not too crowded this time. 

My plan is to take most of Friday off as comp time for the last two weeks, which were very long weeks.  My Dad is coming for Thanksgiving, and it’s been a long time since he’s visited here.  Looking forward to it.

Minutes – November 17, 2016 – Please look them over for any errors, thank you.

Warrant 10 – The November snow plowing bill is on here.  I don’t believe Richard had to go out this morning, even though we got a bit of a squall, it melted quickly, and I did not receive any reports of any problems on the roads.  If all goes well, he won’t have to start plowing for a while!  There will likely be a school payroll and AP warrant added next Thursday. The warrant and budget reports will be updated on the website periodically and printed for Thursday.

Checking Account Reconciliation – You meet on the 1st, and the bank statement will come out on the 1st – if time permits, I’ll have the reconciliation ready at your meeting.  If it doesn’t, it’ll be ready for the 15th.

Heidi Garrison Resignation – We’ve received an e-mailed letter from Heidi stepping down as a Rec Committee alternate member.  She’s been a great addition to the committee and we’ll miss her input.  They’ll be moving at the end of the school year after selling their home on Needles Eye Road.

Loose Trash Policy – The transfer station manager called Saturday and wanted to talk about how to enforced the bags only policy at the transfer station, as a patron whom he’s had dealings with in the past was observed dumping loose trash from a garbage can into a dumpster. 

I’ve reviewed what policies we have around the transfer station use.  I’ve found a couple of policies and the operations manual.  I’ll put the two policies in your packet.  We might need to talk about a few things. (Permit Policy) (Commercial Trash Policy)

Town Property Inventory – After last meeting’s discussion about locations for a community center, I put together an inventory of town owned property for you.  I also took a Google Earth shot of the area around the current town hall.  It’s in your packet.

Lamoine Washington Inquiry – Enclosed in the packet is an e-mail from a gentleman who lives in Lamoine Washington, inquiring about our history.  No action is required, but I thought you might find it interesting.

Cold Spring Water Company – As noted in the pre-amble, there was a water outage today which has been fixed.  This obviously has a big impact on the school should it happen again.  Jo inquired if the town should look into drilling a backup well for the school.   Perhaps this could be discussed.

RFP – Comp Plan Consultant – That’s my next task.  I will draft up an RFP for Fred, get a final version, and we should have one ready for review at the meeting.  He supplied a list of potential contractors from the state’s website, which will be helpful.

Recreational Marijuana Update – The recount is likely to take about a month, but it’s likely that the outcome of the question will remain the same – passed.  Many communities are passing moratoria to give them time to craft ordinances to deal with the matter.  The League of Towns discussed this today with the County Sheriff.  I continue to look to Maine Municipal Association for guidance on how to proceed.

Budget Workshop – The Budget Committee meets on the 28th, and with the exception of the outside agencies, the budget is pretty much done.  I will have a nearly final budget printout for you to discuss on the 1st. 

Meeting Schedule – You have a meeting on the 15th, and then not again until January 12th.  We’ll have bills to pay between those dates, so I’ll plan on preparing a warrant for signature on the 29th. 

That’s all I have for now – see you on December 1st.