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For meeting of December 15, 2016


Wow, this will be your last regular meeting for 2016.  This year seems to have flown by quickly.  We’ll hope for decent weather on meeting night.  I’m writing this on December 7th as a very light snow falls.  We had the first plowable event on the 5th, and no complaints about the roads.

Your agenda is a little busy.  I was thinking after the last meeting that you might be hard pressed to have much of an agenda.  That changed in just a couple of days. 

Minutes – December 1, 2016 – Any written corrections are most appreciated.

Warrant 11 – I’m sure there will be a school payroll and AP warrant on this (not yet received, will likely be here next week).  The largest bill is the $7,200 to Weber Tree for trimming up Buttermilk Road.  He did a very good job.   We will likely have to move more money from investments to cover the school bill.  This will be updated on the website periodically.

Cash/Budget Report – The good news is that we’re about halfway through the fiscal year.  We have about $1.5 million in the investment accounts still, and the 2nd half property tax payments will start to flow in fairly heavily in February.  I don’t have any bad news.  Fire is trending ahead of the fiscal year, but there was a heavy maintenance expense on the trucks early on in the year.  The rest of the budget is about where it should be for expenses, and running well ahead for revenues for the most part, especially excise taxes.   I’ll update the posting on the website periodically.

Foreclosure Notices – The liens filed for the 2014/15 taxes automatically foreclose on January 27, 2017 (18 months after they were filed).  By law, we must notify the property owners and all parties of interest 30-to-45 days prior to that date.  I will be doing that next week, and there will be a certified mail entry on the expenditure warrant.  We have a total of 19 liens at this time with a value of $17,096.65 (plus fees and interest).  I’ll put a list in your packets.

Audit Status – I’ve inquired from our auditor what the status is.  They’re waiting for the school committee to give an answer in regard to accrued teacher salaries, and that should come at their meeting on December 13th, and when that happens, the audit should be ready shortly thereafter.

Meeting with Terry Towne – Terry is representing Maine Coast Heritage Trust and there is a plan to acquire much of Marlboro Beach from the Norris family and to donate the land to the town, though some town funding might be required.  He’s hoping to have something on the March 2017 town meeting warrant to help accomplish this. 

Shoreland Access Subcommittee – Several meetings ago the issue of Shoreland access came up and Kathleen and the Conservation Commission have started discussing this on a subcommittee basis, I believe under the Conservation Commission.  She has sent agendas and minutes, but the sub-committee has no official authority at this point.  Perhaps it’s time to discuss where things stand as far as formation of this committee and what authority it might have.

Support Letter – HCPC – This is an annual request from the County Planning Commission.  The letter and explanation are in your packet.

Zero-Sort Recycling – Casella (Pine Tree) has sent a couple of documents.  I should have time to do a formal analysis of this before your meeting, just need one more piece of information from Casella. 

Gravel Inspections/Code Enforcement/Filing – Just prior to your meeting last time I did up a memo regarding filing gravel information.  It’s scattered and not organized at all. John Holt has started putting in a great deal of time organizing things for which I am most grateful.

Over the years, the Code Enforcement Officer has been responsible for performing inspections at gravel pits.  I’ve presumed they’ve been done and filed somewhere.  Just where they are filed, I’m not sure.  No one has ever asked me directly for them, therefore I’ve not inquired of the CEO where they are or if they’ve been done.  From time to time I have developed forms based on the ordinance from which the CEO can have an inspection checklist.

There is a complaint from Kathleen that the pits have not been inspected this year which was given to Rick.  He’s passed it along to me, as it appears to be a personnel matter that the Board should discuss. 

At some point in the very near future the Selectmen, Planning Board chair and CEO need to have a discussion about the expectations of the CEO position.   Perhaps the Board can set up a meeting time for that at this meeting.  I’ll invite both John Holt and Rick to this meeting for that discussion.

Returnables – You can tell the winter months are up next – no big demand for the returnable proceeds.  The Conservation Commission dropped off a request – the next available month is January.  They last benefitted last March.

Ordinance Fee Structure – Kathleen inquired when the last time the fees for various things in the ordinance were set.  It appears to be in 2011.  She suggested that it’s likely time to revisit the fee structure, and that’s a good idea.  The ordinances that require fees set by the Board of Selectmen include:

There is no prescribed method in any of the ordinances for the Board to change the fees.  A schedule of fees is in your packet.

Insurance – Recreational Cheering – The Rec Committee’s cheering program is in need of practice space.  The gym at the school is maxed out at the appropriate times, and they’re considering using the Family Bible Church gym in Ellsworth.  The church is requesting that the town provide proof that if a child is injured during the time they’re in the gym that they would not be held liable for that.  I’ve contacted MMA Risk Management, and they’ve suggested a facility use policy.  I’ve e-mailed the representative at the church to see if that’s something they might have.  At this point, that’s where things stand.

Lamoine Quarterly – January 2017 – I will start work on this shortly, and with luck, it should be ready the last week of December for editing.  Any ideas/articles are most welcome!

Budget Workshop – The Budget Committee meets on the 12th for its final budget presentations of the cycle.  They meet on the 19th to make recommendations for the March 2017 town meeting.  An updated copy of the budget (as of yesterday) is in your packets, and that includes the revenue change you requested last week.   The workshop will be your final crack at changing anything before the Budget Committee. 

That’ll wrap things up for 2016.  Remember, you’ll have an expenditure warrant to sign on December 29th.   My intention for the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is to work a very minimal schedule, mostly to prepare the expenditure warrant, cover lunch, draft the Quarterly but mostly enjoy some family time.   We’re in hopes both daughters will be home for some part of the holidays!

See you on the 15th.