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For Meeting of March 10, 2016


This is a pretty exciting week ahead for those of us in the town office as Election Day is Tuesday.  I’m not sure who will win the contested Selectmen seats, so let me wish good luck to all the candidates.  The winners do have to be sworn in; we generally take care of that at the open town meeting, and the new term starts at this meeting.  The former board sits at the table for the open town meeting as the last official act for that term.

A reminder, all elected Selectmen (whether newly elected or re-elected), must complete Freedom of Access Training.  I will supply the training materials for you at the meeting on Thursday.

This meeting is billed as an organizational meeting, but there are some things that the board should take care of right away.  It’s my hope that it will still be a relatively brief meeting.

Chair Selection – Because the “new” board has no chair, I will call this meeting to order and run the Chair election.  Once a chair is selected, that person will take over running the meeting.

Minutes – February 25, 2016 – Please read over the minutes.  Written corrections are preferred (makes it easier for me to enter the corrections into the computer).

Warrant 20 – This will be a very large number, but do not panic.  Property taxes mean there is a large amount in the checking account and most of this will be transfers to the investment management accounts held by First Advisors.  The warrant will periodically be updated on the town’s website and a printed warrant prepared on meeting day.  I usually have that done by noon time.

Cash & Budget Report – This will also be posted and updated periodically on the website and a report printed for meeting day, same as the warrant.

Checking Account Reconciliation – The reconciliation was e-mailed to all current selectmen and the two candidates.  Please let me know if you have any questions prior to signing the form that says you are satisfied with the review.

New Investment Management Accounts – A separate memo to you and First Advisors is included to move some money around and create accounts at First Advisors for specific funds/reserves etc. that have not had their own line with the investment company.  I am recommending that this be done, and warrant 20 reflects payments to those funds. 

Heating Fuel Bids – The request for proposals has the meeting night as the deadline to submit bids for the 2016/17 heating season.   We have five entities participating in the bid – us, Hancock, Sullivan, the Hancock School Dept. and Lamoine School Dept.   The idea is to open the bids and announce results.  Depending on the bids, you might wish to award a bid this evening.

PoliciesDisbursement Policy – This lays out which bills may be paid prior to the Selectmen signing the expenditure warrant.  Only minor changes are proposed for this very (cleaning up language in section IV D.  

Procedural Rules – A minor change to this policy as well – the previous policy approved years ago set the meeting dates for the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month.  By agreement the board adjusted this to the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month, so the new rules reflect that.   This policy sets out some of how the board operates.

Fee Schedule – Only a very minor change to the fax fee, it’s $0.25/page to send a fax, no matter whether long distance or local.  Previous applied to long distance only, but I have no idea what long distance is any more.

Mileage Rate – This will apply beginning 7/1/16 until 6/30/17 and is a hybrid of the State volunteer mileage rate of $0.44/mile and the IRS rate which dropped to $0.54/mile this year.  My somewhat limited math ability pegs this at $0.49 per mile, a 1-cent drop from the current.

Town Meeting Follow UpCell Tower Lease Extension  - Presuming that the voters approve the extension, I’ve got the package from American Tower to execute.

Special Town Meeting – I’ve e-mailed Katrina Kane to see what the school department has in mind for a special town meeting date and await her reply.  We also need to decide where to send our trash after 2018.  Virtually every municipality that has decided as of this writing is sticking with the Municipal Review Committee and the Fiberight plant that will be built in Hampden.  Bangor was the latest to go this past week, and that’s a big chunk of trash.  You should put this to the town meeting soon – I suggest piggybacking with the school budget meeting. Additionally, the town should deal with the new floodplain ordinance by July.

Other Matters – I have no idea what else might come up at town meeting, but if something does, we can discuss it.

Returnables – We have a request from the snowmobile club which last benefitted in July 2015.  The next available date is November 2016.

Meeting Schedule – The schedule lays out the meetings on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays through the end of the fiscal year.

Other – Hancock is hosting a meeting with PERC on March 17, 2016 at 6:30 PM.  I would suggest that someone attend.  I am teaching a tax lien class that day (it was canceled yesterday, 3/2/16), but should be back from Orono in plenty of time if you wish for me to go. 

That it for the meeting – I look forward to working with whomever is elected Tuesday.