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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of January 26, 2017

Greetings from the snow-less town office in the midst of January.  All in all, this has been a pretty easy winter to deal with!  You’ve got a relatively short agenda for this meeting, but there is a lot of paperwork to deal with.  My concentration in the town office is to get the town meeting warrant and the town report prepared.  Cash flow is starting to pick up as banks and taxpayers send in their 2nd half payments due the end of February. 

Minutes Please look over the January 12th minutes and submit corrections in writing if possible. 

Warrant 14 – I presume there will be a school payroll and AP warrant on this warrant, which will likely necessitate a cash transfer into the checking account from investment management.  No surprises on the warrant so far (I’m writing this on January 18th).  The warrant will be periodically updated on the town’s website.

Cash & Budget Reports No surprises here, either.  I will update the report on the website periodically.

Lien Status – The deadline for lien maturity is the day after your meeting.  I’ve not heard from a few folks who generally pay their liens in full when they receive the notice. One out of state landowner did not pick up their certified mail and I’ve re-sent that via first class mail.  I’ll double check that the rest of the list, which I’ll stick in your packets and update for meeting night, has received notice as required.

Audit – Our auditor’s office reports that it should be ready this week.  I should have it for you on Thursday the 26th.

Comp Plan Consultant – The committee should have a recommendation for you at the meeting.  The RFP attracted only one consultant, and the committee meets via phone/Skype (or some other technological means) next week.

Land Donation from Ken Smith – Ken dropped off the paperwork this week.  It’s a sliver of land along Asa’s Lane which we already show as town owned on the tax maps.  Apparently a survey shows that it actually belongs to the Smiths.  There are a couple of easements on the proposed deed, prohibiting the town from cutting the trees, but allowing for tree trimming for site distance purposes along the road.  The Shoreland zoning ordinance would already prohibit the tree cutting.   Ken will meet with you.

Registrar of Voters Appointments – In reviewing the list of appointed officials, I find that appointments for both Jennifer & as registrar & deputy expired at the end of 2016.  I am recommending that she be reappointed for a 2-year term as Registrar and that you appoint me as her deputy for the same term.

Town Meeting Warrant Building & Land Use Ordinance Amendment – The final recommendation from the Planning Board will follow the public hearing and be ready for your signature.

Marlboro Beach Acquisition – Jim Norris was in this morning and I invited him to meet with you as requested at your last meeting.  I expect he’ll be here.

Warrant - The warrant will be pretty much together (my next task after drafting this report).  While I’ve pushed for a signature at this meeting, you can wait and edit the warrant, and sign it on February 9th.  That will still give time enough for posting and inclusion in the town report.   I’ll have a version ready for signature if you are satisfied with the warrant.

PERC Update – While Ken Smith was here, we looked over the communications from the MRC and payments due to the town.  I still await an explanation from PERC as to how much they will offer to pay for our share of their operation on April 1, 2018.   This will likely NOT make the town meeting warrant.

Town Report – I’ve started to plug away at this.  It takes time, but I’ll print off what we have so far for your packet and the updated version for your meeting. 

Marlboro Mist II – Letters to the two involved property owners and the developer have been drafted.  They should come from the Board.  Please review and we can send if the drafts are acceptable.

CEO – Vacation Request – Rick plans to take a cruise from March 21 to April 3.   We do not have a deputy Code Enforcement Officer appointed at this time.  This is something the board should address at some point.

Meeting Dates – Presuming that no one else takes out papers for Selectman by Monday, the Board is likely to remain the same.  If you want to set out a meeting schedule beyond March 9th, that’s fine with me.

Executive Session – At this time we’ve not received an abatement application.  I do anticipate that happening.

Let’s hope the weather continues to be good!