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For Meeting of February 9, 2017


We finally got some plowable snow yesterday (February 1st), but not a lot.  The fire department responded to a pair of accidents, both likely caused by vehicles traveling too fast for the road conditions.  Thankfully, no serious injuries here.

It’s been quite busy at the town office as a lot of people registered dogs prior to the deadline on January 31st.  There are also a fair amount of tax receipts trickling in – the 2nd half payment is due at the end of this month.

Your agenda is relatively short, which should give you plenty of time to meet with the CEO and Planning Board Chair.

Minutes – January 26, 2017 – Please look them over and submit written corrections if possible.

Warrant 15 – The new switcher for the school Cable TV channel is on here – it has arrived.  The wiring company will be down next week to look over the installation area. I will periodically update the warrant on the website.

Cash & Budget Report – Since the audit is in, I should be able to add the 4th page of the effect of operations on fund balance to the report.  The fire department has been fairly aggressive on purchasing items this winter – the department will be paying for 3-sets of turnout gear for our guys taking the FFI & II class this winter (almost $7,000). 

Checking Account Reconciliation – The documents associated with this went out via e-mail today (2/2/17).  There are no issues that came up.

Foreclosure Property – Got time for a short story about how nice it is to live in a small town?  You’ll recall at last meeting, there was one property that I was pretty sure would automatically foreclose to the town as we’d not heard from the assessed owner.  After filing the lien discharges at the Registry of Deeds last Friday, I stopped by the post office to make a purchase, and the woman who owns the adjacent parcel was in line right behind me.  I mentioned to her that the parcel would become town property at the end of the day and she looked at me in shock and said that she’d purchased the property a couple of years ago.  I told her that nothing came up in the Registry of Deeds search showing the property had changed hands, but that I would look into it when I got back to the office.  While I was doing a very extensive search of deeds for the history on the parcel, the woman called and said she had a quitclaim deed, and would run it by the office.  Sure enough, she did – but, it had never been filed at the Registry of Deeds.  I encouraged her to do so and provided a form she would need to pay the transfer tax, and took a copy of the deed and gave that to the Assessors.  She also paid the 2014/15 taxes on it, and I immediately discharged the lien at the Registry. 

Anyway, that leaves just one property with unpaid taxes at this point.  I spoke with the owner this week, and she requested that when the foreclosure actually kicks in (around February 20th) that the Department of Health & Human Services be notified. 

Audit – Your copy of the FY2016 audit is in your packets.  We ended the fiscal year on a very strong note with more than $500,000 in undesignated fund balance.  Our target has generally been $300,000. 

PERC/MRC buyout – I spoke with Gary Stacey of PERC last week (after Ken Smith had called him) regarding the $120,000 or so worth that Lamoine has with the plant.  That apparently is our portion of the MRC’s value in the plant.  There is a phone conference this week with MRC, and I will attempt to find out from MRC what the process is to obtain that share once we are no longer a member (3/31/18).  It will likely require town meeting action.  I have not confirmed the amount yet with MRC.

Returnable Requests – The two organizations are repeat customers, and their last benefit date is listed on the agenda.  Next month available is July, 2017.

Annual Town Meeting The article regarding the fund balances had incorrect figures in them.  I have put in corrected figures and replaced that page in the warrant.  This was not a substantive change, as the article only requests continuation of the various funds.  Just wanted to let you know.

Town Report Draft – Now that we have the audit, the draft of the report is nearly done.  I’m waiting for a couple of items and will finish up the Treasurer’s Report.  If things go well, I’ll have a draft for your packet, and a nearly finished product for Thursday.

Marlboro Mist II Update – We’ve not received any communication from either of the parties involved or the original developer as of this writing.

Small Claims Court – We are due in court Monday in regard to the Broughman Builders Consent Agreement.  I’ll let you know what happens.

CEO Job Description – This is one of the goal items, and the plan is to discuss what the expectations are from the Code Enforcement Officer.   I’ll have the current job description as well as a compilation from the ordinances that Planning Board Chair Holt prepared as to the statutory (local) requirements.  With some good discussion, you may be able to come up with a better, current set of job descriptions for the CEO.

Meeting Dates – Since the makeup of the Board is not likely to change with the March 7, 2017 election, you can set your schedule for a while if you desire. 

That’s it for the agenda for this time.  Remember, your next meeting is the marijuana ordinance hearing, and it’s only a week after this one (the 16th).

See you Thursday the 9th.