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Administrative Assistant's Report

For meeting of Febraury 16, 2017


This will be a brief report – just an update from the February 9th report which saw the meeting canceled due to the storm (good call as it turns out!).

Jennifer was not able to make it to work on the morning of the 9th or 10th due to child care issues caused by the storm on the first day.  I had an appointment with the Cable TV wiring people at the school at about 11AM, so we closed down the office for the day at that time.  Given the intensity of the storm, that was a good call.  There was no business that day anyway.  I hate closing the office, but I have been battling a cold for most of the week, and the time off was spent recuperating (napping!) and I feel much better today (Friday the 10th).

Joint Heating/Fuel Bids – The town of Hancock is inquiring about when to go out to bid on heating fuel again.  I’m thinking that after April 1st might work best, but I’m open to suggestion.  We’ve jointly bid the purchase with Hancock and Sullivan the past few years.

Marijuana Ordinance Hearing – This has generated absolutely no buzz (forgive the intentional pun) around town.  I do not expect a big crowd, therefore the town hall should accommodate the hearing. 

Meeting with Anna Farrell – Ms. Farrell is from the MDI Biological Lab and is heading up a field survey to try to find a source of pollution that has closed Martin’s Cove to shellfish harvesting.  She asked to meet with you on this date. An e-mail message from her is in your new packet materials.

Corrections to Warrant – As noted by e-mail, two corrections have been made.  One is to add the more up to date figures for the fund balances as of June 30, 2016 on the appropriate article.  The other was to change an article reference on Article 12.  Because of the removal of the BLUO amendment article, this changed the numbering, and therefore article 12’s reference should refer to Article 11.

Recycling Analysis – I have updated the analysis I provided in September after discovering I’d used the wrong column of figures for the total tonnage recycled.  The numbers are a little better.

MacQuinn et al suit (Gravel Ordinance) – This apparently is being transferred to another court.  Paperwork is in your materials.

Heating Assistance Committee – I am recommending open ended appointments to this committee.  A memo is with your materials.

Town Report – I have a completed draft ready.  Please, read it over, send me any corrections that need to be made.  We need to get this to the printer ASAP.

Marlboro Mist II – We have a signature on a consent agreement from one party.  Have not yet heard from the other party.

I will see you on Thursday – hopefully, we don’t have 15-inches of snow fall that day!