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Administrative Assistant's Report

Meeting of March 9, 2017


Wow, that year flew by in a flash!  Hard to believe it’s been a year since the last organizational meeting for the Board.  Since there will have been three weeks since your last meeting, I will likely be asking for warrant signatures in between meetings, as a school payroll and accounts payable warrant will need to be paid.

I am spending a bit of this week (2/20) at the school with the CTV wiring project, and also taking in some High School Tournament basketball.  I’m also attending a Town Meeting Moderator’s training class on Thursday evening in Orono.  Since I moderate a fair amount of our special meetings, it might be good to get a refresher on how to do it correctly!

Call to Order – Since this is the first meeting of this elected board (though it’s doubtful the faces will change since the lone seat is sought by the incumbent unopposed), I will call the meeting to order and conduct the election of the Board Chair.  I’ll try not to let the immense power go to my head. 

The chair will conduct selection of the vice chair.

A new item this year is the seating arrangement.  The order of seating may not be to everyone’s liking, and I’ve just placed folks in order of election from left to right, with the chair sitting in the middle.  If the board wishes something different, that’s fine.  (May this be the most contentious issue we have all year!).

Minutes I’ve printed these about 3-times now – keep finding my own errors.  If you could please look them over for others, that would be appreciated.

Expenditure Warrant 17 – This is the warrant I will request that you sign on March 2nd.  I will e-mail you to let you know when it’s ready and it will be posted on the website periodically.

Expenditure Warrant 18 - This will be the bills between March 3 and March 9th and will be updated on the website periodically.

Cash & Budget Reports I will print off the report with Warrant 17, and for Warrant 18, and periodically update it on the website.

Checking Account Reconciliation - This will be sent via e-mail is it will be ready on March 1st or 2nd.  

Foreclosed Property – I have sent a letter to the previous owner offering the property for sale for all back taxes, fees and interest.  A copy of that is going to DHHS per their request, and a copy to their daughter as well.   Town meeting has approved of the disposal method.  The next step is for the former owner to decide whether they wish to repurchase or not.

Small Claims Court – I should have a report for you as the court date is March 6th.

Annual policies – The Disbursement Policy outlines what payments may be made prior to you actually signing the expenditure warrant.  I will review what is in place, and if it makes sense to suggest that something change, I will do so.  I do not anticipate any major changes.

The Rules of Procedure are unique to each year’s board.  Much like the disbursement policy, I’ll review and make change recommendations if they are warranted.

The Fee Schedule is something that you discussed a few weeks back.  There are two sets of fees – one for ordinances which has not been reviewed or changed since 2011, and one for day to day transactions (such as photocopies) which is adopted annually.  The day to day fee schedule is what I have in mind here, and if any changes are warranted, I will suggest that to you.  We can talk about the ordinance fee schedule.  No one has followed up on that discussion with any suggested changes at this point.

Mileage reimbursement has been a hybrid of the IRS and State rates.  I will prepare the policy based on those figures again.

Town Meeting Follow Up – I have no idea what will come up at town meeting that might need some follow up, but this will be an opportunity to do so.

Traffic Light Update – I will continue my conversation with MDOT regarding the problems with the “Cheese House” light, and keep you updated.  I understand the desire to quickly repair this – it’s how to go about doing so that is a bit on the elusive side.

Office Closing Policy – A draft of this proposal is in your packets for review.  It has taken on a bit of a life of its own.

Goals List Review – This is an appropriate time to go over where things stand on last year’s goals and a memorandum to that effect will be in the packet.

Meeting Dates – Not sure if you’re ready to schedule anything following May 11th, but if so, it can be done here.

At this writing I have nothing for executive session.  See you a lot March 7th through the 9th.