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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of March 23, 2017

As I write on Monday the 13th, we’re expecting a pretty good sized snowstorm in the next 48-hours.  That has resulted in postponement of a tax lien class I was supposed to teach on the 14th, and that will be on the 16th instead.  Therefore, I will be out of the office on Thursday for much of the day.

There is not a lot on the plate for the 23rd.  I will be out part of the day prior to the meeting to attend an executive committee meeting for the Town & City Management Association in Orono, but will be back in time for the Selectmen’s meeting.  The next day I will be attending the same association’s annual Interchange which is all about marijuana. Should be interesting.  Then, after that, my wife and I head off to a warmer climate for a week!

Minutes – March 9, 2017 – Please review for errors, thank you.

Warrant 19 – This will be posted on the website and updated periodically. A hard copy will be printed for meeting night.

Cash & Budget Reports – Last time I looked, all seemed very good for the current fiscal year.  This will be updated on the website and printed for meeting night.

Disposition of Tax Acquired Property – I spoke today with the former owner and she reiterated that she no longer wants anything to do with the property.  Her daughter in law, Patti Haslam, has met with me a couple of times and expressed interest in keeping the property in the family.  Our town meeting approved policy mentions nothing in the way of offering it to immediate family prior to going to auction.  Where Patti is an abutting property owner, I would recommend giving her so-called “second refusal” now that her mother in law no longer is in a position to retain the property.  The mother in law has no objection to that.  Patti will be in to discuss the options with you.

Paving Estimate/Contract – A separate memorandum is in your packet which goes into great detail about a significant error in the paving budget for 2017/18.  I made the goof.  Roger Picard (Pavement Management Services, LLC) was down to measure roads the day after town meeting and that’s when it was discovered.  We have options that can be placed before town meeting.   I do recommend another contract with PMS, LLC to supervise the paving job.  It’s in your packet.

Court Matters – We have correspondence on the Gravel Ordinance case that it has been moved to the Business Court.  Dan Pileggi will take part in a conference on April 3 by telephone.  He does not require that any town official be present.  That’s a good thing as that is the same date that Small Claims Court meets on the Broughman Builders matter.  I have provided you with some e-mail correspondence on the Broughman case.

Electronic Sign Committee – Given the amount of discussion at the town meeting, I would recommend that a 3-person (at least) committee be charged with drawing up specifications for the sign that we could put out for a Request for Proposals in the next few months.  Not sure how you want to advertise for that.

Community Center Committee – As discussed at your last meeting, perhaps it’s time to get a committee going on this concept.  I would recommend at least 5 on this committee, and developing some sort of criteria expected of the committee. 

Town Office Closing Policy – Since we may be faced with again delaying opening of the town office in a day or so, or even closing early, this is a timely matter.  You have the draft.  If I don’t get any changes proposed, I’ll print a signature copy for this meeting.

Emergency Operations Plan – You may have noticed an updated Emergency Operations Plan in your packet of materials last time.  I put in an extensive amount of time on the update, and was informed on Election Day that the County EMA has a new, shorter template for such a plan.  They are reviewing the plan I drafted up as well for comment.  

My recommendation is to hold off on the actual update until receiving comment back from County EMA and/or a new template.

Office Staffing – As noted in the first paragraphs, I’ll be out of the office from 3/24/17 until 4/2/17.  Rick Gallegos will be absent from 3/21/17 to 4/3/17.  Jennifer will be manning the office solo.  This is a payroll week – I will do up the checks prior to leaving. I have complete confidence Jenn can handle about anything, but there will be no Code Enforcement Services available for that time period.  I will ask her to contact Jo as the chair if anything hairy comes up.

Lamoine Quarterly – That’s going to be my next task.  If all goes smoothly, I may have a draft to approve at this meeting.  If not, it’ll have to wait until well after April 1st to publish.

At this point, that’s all for the agenda.  I’m sure more will come up, so check the addendum.