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Administrative Assistant's Report

For meeting of April 27, 2017

Brrr…after a couple of days in the high 60s, reality has hit again.  I’m writing this on the 19th, it is cloudy and cold! 

The town office continues to be a very busy place, and we’re keeping up the best we can with transactions, board meetings and the like.

The agenda is not too long, but there may be some lengthy discussion on some items.

Minutes – April 13, 2017 – Please look them over, written corrections most appreciated.

Warrant 21 – This will be periodically updated on the website.  Expect the usual school payroll and AP warrant, a town payroll.  The AP warrant is pretty big, tuition payment to Ellsworth is on that, so we’ll have to move some money from the investment management account into checking.

Cash & Budget Reports – This will also be updated on the website with the printed copy at your meeting.

Tax Collector Settlements – We have several years of settlements that need to be finalized with Jennifer, and I will prepare those in the next week.  A settlement indicates that the tax collector has fulfilled her duties to collect a particular tax commitment.  We should discuss a few outstanding personal property tax bills that we most likely will not be able to collect.  I will prepare a memorandum on that as well for the meeting.

Special Town Meeting – May 31, 2017 – An order will be ready to sign calling for that meeting date, and a draft warrant is in your packet.  The figures in the school budget are last year’s; we await the proposed budget from the Superintendent of Schools – they’re on vacation this week.

Mowing – Richard McMullen has sent notification that he will keep prices for the various things he mows for the town the same as previous years.  Please decide if you wish to stick with his services or seek other proposals.

Digital Sign Design – I’ve done up a memorandum in regard to this to start to get the ball rolling.

Cable Buildout Recommendation – The Technology Committee is recommending to contact Sewell Company regarding possible Cable TV buildout to unserved areas.  An e-mail from Sewall is in your packet.

Security Camera – Bloomfield Park – I still am not sure of what questions you wish to ask MMA Legal on a security camera.  I searched their website extensively and can only find an article in the legal notes addressing whether video is a public record (it’s in your packet). 

Other - Heat Return – After consulting with Rick Gallegos on moving the cold air return for the furnace, I called Osborne’s Plumbing & Heating, and they had their duct work guy call back.  He will be in town the first week of May to do that – cost is about $500. Should be a big improvement. 

Board Chairs/Dept. Heads Meeting – Jo wanted to discuss the format for this meeting and that would be helpful.

Meeting – August 10th – I have a conflict that date, it’s the Town & City Management Conference at Sunday River.

Executive Session – This will be the matter discussed at the previous meeting and the parties involved have been notified.

That’s all I have for now.  See you on the 27th.