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Administrative Assistant's Report

For meeting of May 31, 2017


Greetings from a very busy town office.  Besides just a lot of seasonal business, there is a lot of stuff going on involving nearly every board and department.  At times it seems almost overwhelming.  I think your board chair meeting spelled it out to you quite nicely last week that everyone has something important on their plate!

We’ve got to be sure to properly thank the local Girl Scouts for their work to place the flags at the two largest cemeteries.  I’ve asked the troop leaders if they could show up to the Selectmen’s meeting on June 8th.  Not only did they put up the little flags, Casey and Lori Jordan also mulched the gardens and shrubs at the Veterans’ Memorial. 

I’ve put the utility pole flags up around town.  The flags fared fairly well over the past summer, only had to replace 5 flags and 3-poles, and we have plenty in reserve. 

A reminder that the Memorial Day Ceremony is Monday morning the 29th at 10AM.

And, remember your meeting is Wednesday after the school budget meeting.

Minutes – May 18, 2017 – Please review the minutes.  I tried to highlight the best I could the items at your board chairs meeting.

Warrant 24 – There is likely to be a school payroll and AP warrant on this warrant as well. The town payroll for this week is also on the warrant. It will be updated on the website periodically and printed for your meeting.

Cash & Budget Reports – Still in good shape with about a month to go in the fiscal year!

Quitclaim Deed – In the event the town meeting approves the sale to Ms. Kane, I’ll have a deed available for you to execute to her.  You can sign it, and we can file the deed and declaration of value upon payment.

Uncollected Personal Property Tax – Town Attorney Tony Beardsley has written to advise it best to write off the uncollected 2011/12 personal property tax bill owed.

Resignation – Mike Jordan has e-mailed his resignation from the Board of Assessors.  Where he is an elected official, his notification of resignation should be addressed to the Town Clerk.  Jennifer is aware of this.  It is probably time (and probably past time) to sit down with the Assessors and discuss issues that they have. 

CEO Matters – The Planning Board has given its blessing for the non-conforming home on Lorimer Road to rebuild in the same location where the foundation is located.  There is at least one more hoop for the property owner to jump through before the CEO can issue a permit – it involves the septic system and it’s my understanding that the property owner is aware of this.

Rick has mailed notices of violation to both Jordan and Gott in regard to the two pits in question.  They have been received, and a response has come to the town from their agent, Steve Salsbury.

Gott Gravel Pit – There is a lengthy letter from Ed Bearor regarding another Gott pit adjacent to the town landfill lot.  I give you this as an FYI to study.  Steve Salsbury would like to meet with you on June 8th.

Mud Creek Road Park – The official letter offering land to the town on Mud Creek Road from the Pinkham family came in last meeting.  A copy is in your packet.  Let’s discuss how to proceed.

B&B Paving Contract – Assuming town meeting approval, the contract will be ready to sign.

MMA Insurance Inspection report – Two issues for the fire department to correct are pretty easy.  The salt/sand shed needs some work (as you’ll see in the report).  We’ll need a contractor to do that work.  Any suggestions?  I’ve inquired with the general contractor who built the facility who suggested Toddy Pond Builders.  Union River Builders was the carpenter that erected the shed.

Next Meetings – Remember, your June 8th meeting starts with the Hodgkins Committee at 6PM.  The Comp Plan Committee has been invited to join you to meet jointly (hopefully briefly).  They had planned to meet that night.

I have nothing for executive session for this meeting.  Employee reviews will start 6/8 and continue on 6/22.

Happy warm spring!