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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of September 21, 2017

The town office continues to be extremely busy, as are many of the boards, committees, departments and staff.  There have been a few hiccups along the way that we’re dealing with.


You’ve got a bit of a busy meeting.  I am desperately trying to get some items ready for that meeting, but things keep happening (fire calls, customer service and the like) that have delayed preparing some things.


Minutes – September 7, 2017 – Please review the minutes, written changes are easiest for me to make.


Warrant 7 – There will be school warrants added, mostly likely late Wednesday or early Thursday.  Most of the rest is routine.  There are a couple of bills from Grand Rental Station for a lift (Rick painted the cupola and did other repairs and pressure washed the town hall); Amazon – ordered water test kits; Home Depot (needed fluorescent bulbs and new rugs for the front counter).  The warrant will be periodically updated on line.


Cash & Budget report This too will be periodically updated on the website and a printed copy put out for meeting night.


Audit Information – I’ve sent the closing entries in the FY 16/17 general ledger to our auditors and have included a memorandum with some minor anomalies with your packet. 


General Assistance Ordinance – By law you must have a public hearing before adopting the new figures. Typically no one shows up and testifies.  I’ve included a summary of the new figures in your packet.  After closing the hearing, you can adopt the new figures.


Building & Land Use Amendment – The Planning Board has finalized a revised table on setbacks, etc. for the BLUO and wanted the Selectmen to review it before they put it out for a public hearing.  The hope is to vote on the amendment in March 2018.


Recreation Committee – Included in your packet are several e-mail messages regarding the soccer program that started last weekend.  I got a message over Facebook late Friday night while I was walking from a parking lot to a restaurant in Portland about one issue.  The chair of the Rec Committee has asked if they could discuss this in their next committee meeting before meeting with the Selectmen.  I have communicated to the committee that request but indicated that this item is on the agenda tonight.  At this time there is no recommendation from the committee for any type of action from the Selectmen.


Code EnforcementTransition Agreement – Rick is agreeable to the agreement as it was drafted for last meeting.


Gravel Pit Restoration/Violations – I’ve asked for any written copies of communications to the various parties on the alleged violations.  I am not confident that some of that communication from the town has actually occurred. Those communications have occurred directly between the Planning Board and Code Enforcement Officer and I don’t necessarily see them.  I’ll do my best to round up what precisely has taken place.


Search Committee – The CEO Search Subcommittee holds its first meeting tomorrow (9/16), and there may be some sort of update for the Board at this meeting.


Water Testing – Bloomfield Park – I’ve ordered test kits for water sampling.  It is my understanding that Bob has volunteered to paddle into the pond to collect a sample.  I’ll be happy to help, but I don’t have a canoe/kayak.  The kits should be here by meeting time.


Salt/Sand Shed – Still have yet to see a report.  I have e-mailed Jim Kiser, again.


RFPSolid Waste/Recycling – This is one of those things that I’ll be working on that has not yet gotten done.  One of the goals is to include zero-sort recycling as a possible option. I hope to have something drafted for your meeting.


Snow Plowing – Ditto on this.  A draft should be ready for the meeting.


Lamoine Quarterly – Besides not having started this, lets discuss the subscription/printed copy option.  Our subscription base has eroded to about 15, and at least 5 of them are complimentary copies (neighboring towns, MMA).  Granted, we’ve not pushed renewal to folks whose subscriptions have expired.  I do like having the printed copy, but on-line seems to be a popular way to get the quarterly without having to pay for the mailing cost.   I’m open to suggestion.


School Garden – There is an e-mail in your packet from Chris James at the school asking to use the area behind the fire station for a school garden, and water from the fire station.  I talked this over with Chief Smith, and there is no objection at all.


That is all I have at the moment.  See you on Thursday.