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Administrative Assistant's Report

For meeting of December 14, 2017


Hard to believe this is your last meeting of the calendar year.   2017 has seemed to fly by quickly, but it’s been unbelievably busy in this office. 

Your agenda looks busy but potentially it’s quite light.

Minutes – You’ll have two sets to approve, most likely.  One from the last regular meeting and one from the December 7th special meeting.  Since you are likely getting your packet at the December 7th meeting, the minutes will not be included.  I’ll post them on line as soon as possible.

Warrant 13 – The warrant doesn’t look too rugged at this point.  I expect we’ll have a plowing bill and school bills and will have to transfer money from investments to cover the check.  I have posted the warrant on the website and will periodically update it on line with a final print for the meeting.

Cash & Budget Reports – This will also be updated on the website and printed for your meeting. 

Checking Account – The reconciliation was sent by e-mail last Saturday.  All balanced well. 

Foreclosure Notice Update – We’ve had a few folks pay their 2015/16 tax liens thanks to the reminder notice.  The official notices will be going out around your meeting time, and I’ll run a spreadsheet of where things stand.

Marlboro Beach Purchase – I’m in hopes we’ll be able to resolve this on the 7th.

CTV Study/Franchise Agreement – I think we need some coordination with the technology committee and the town attorney as far as finalizing a franchise agreement.  I sent you the update of the study by Sewall Company.  Nothing has changed since that report.

Harassment Policy – You got the draft policy last meeting.  I’ll print it again for this packet.  Let me know if anything should change before the meeting and I’ll incorporate the changes into the signature copy.

 HCPC Letter – The Planning Commission has requested a support letter for their Household Hazardous Waste program.  The request is in your packet, and the letter will be ready for signature at the meeting.

Redevelopment Site Survey – A letter from the Department of Economic and Community Development is in your packet.  I called and they said discontinued gravel pits are NOT what they are looking for.  I don’t know of any significant abandoned manufacturing facilities in town.

MRC Withdrawal Agreement – This is on the agenda in the event that the MRC has finalized an agreement to sign.

Budget Workshop – The only budget left for you to review is the Parks/Rec/Cemetery Budget.  I’ve drafted something, but will have final figures once the Rec Committee meets December 7th.

Next Meetings – What would you like to do for March?  The 1st Thursday is March 1.  The town meeting is the next week.  Generally there is an organizational meeting right after town meeting night which would be the 8th. 

Happy holidays to all