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For meeting of January 12, 2017

Happy new calendar year!   It has been quite busy in the town office lately, but we’ve had a few holidays off, which tends to back things up a bit.  I hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas/New Year week(s).  The town managed to get through last week’s nor’easter without much trouble – just short term power outages and a couple of motor vehicle accidents.

It has been nearly a month since you’ve met.  The agenda isn’t as long as I thought it would be, but there are some important matters to address.

Minutes December 15, 2016 Please look over the draft minutes and submit written corrections if possible.

Warrant 12 – Copies of warrant 12 are in your packet – you signed this one the last week of December so we could pay some bills.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Warrant 13 – This will be updated on the town’s website periodically and a printed copy on the table the night of your meeting.

Cash & Budget Reports – This will also be updated on the website and printed for meeting night.

Checking Account Reconciliation – This was sent to you via e-mail on January 3rd.  All balanced easily.

Stale Checks – We have a couple of checks that have been outstanding for well over 6-months.  One is a tax refund to a property owner, the other was to Ellsworth Middle School for a cheering tournament that never got cashed.  I will draw up an order apply the tax refund to the current year tax and count it as a prepaid tax for 2017/18.  The other I will propose to be added to the Recreation fund. 

Quarterly Excise Tax Report – The printed copy is in your packets.  We had a record calendar year collection in 2016.

Tax Lien Status – I’ve printed the updated list as of today (1/5/17) and put it in your packet.  Liens mature on January 27, 2017.  I do not expect to automatically foreclose on anyone at this point. 

Audit – I’ve not heard any word about the FY 16 audit yet.  I will contact Mr. Wadman’s office for an update.

Marlboro Beach Acquisition – Mr. Dority from the Frenchman Bay Conservancy will be here and the invitations have been extended to the Parks and Conservation Commissions to further discuss this.  Bring your questions!

Land Donation – Ken Smith may have a proposal to donate a small strip of land near Blunt’s Pond to the town.  He hopes if that’s ready that it could be added to the Town Meeting Warrant.

Town Meeting 2017 – A draft warrant is in your packets, but we’ll need questions to deal with land acquisition matters as noted above.  Look over what we have thus far.

 Public Hearing Date – I am proposing February 16th for the marijuana ordinance referendum hearing.  Your call as to where this will be held – either town hall or school.  School is in session that week, but I believe basketball season is over.  Not sure if there will be a big crowd to speak about the proposed ordinance.  I’ll draw up the notice for both locations and let you pick one.

Referendum Order – I’ll have an order for the Town Clerk to place the referendum question on the ballot.

Ordinance Signatures – There are three ordinances on the proposed warrant which require your signature to be presented to the voters.  Those are in your packet and ready for signature.

Citizen of the Year – That’s open to suggestion and generally we have passed nominations in.  I will have a suggestion for you.

Resignation – Butch Swanberg has requested verbally that he resign as an alternate to the Recreation Committee.

PERC Update – I plan to contact PERC again shortly regarding the buyout/ownership offer.  Have heard nothing since your last meeting.

Town Report – That’s our next big project.  We’ve had extremely good luck with Xpress Copy in Portland printing this inexpensively.  I’ll try to contact them to see if they can keep the same price, and it’ll be your call on whether to continue.   I don’t have any great pictures for the front cover at this point, but I’ve not really looked through what pictures we have in house, maybe something will jump out.  If you have any great ideas, let me know!

That’s the agenda for now – see you on Thursday!