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For Meeting of May 11, 2017


I’m not sure, but the lack of sunshine and warmth has seemed to put folks in a less than sunshiny mood.  We’ve had a few recent complaints in the office regarding possible code violations, roads, litter and the like.  As I start writing on Wednesday afternoon the 3rd (continuing Thursday the 4th), the sun is poking through and weather warming to the high 50s.  It’s brightened my outlook, at least.

You’ve got kind of a busy agenda. 

Minutes – April 27, 2017 Please look over the minutes and make written corrections if possible.

Heating Fuel Bids – The bids for the three towns and two schools are due on the 10th.  I hope to have a good collection for you. We may have guests from the other towns.

Warrant 22 – This will be periodically updated on the website. We’ll have a school payroll and AP warrant (it’s relatively small!), and we may not have to move any money from investments to cover the warrant.

Cash & Budget Report – The Emera registrations will be done next Monday, and that should put us over budget for excise tax for the year with more than a month and a half to go.  The surplus could be quite healthy.

Checking Account Reconciliation – This was e-mailed to you.  Please let me know if there were any questions.

Personal Property Tax Collections – I will have a list of uncollected personal property tax from past years and a recommendation on each.  That is unlikely to be in your packet, but I hope to get that done shortly.

Town Meeting – I am waiting until the budget committee meeting on Monday to finally prepare a warrant, just in case there is an alternate recommendation.

Please find an updated budget printout in your packet with the school & updated paving budgets as proposed.

Digital Sign – I’ve reprinted the memorandum on a possible sign design.  Where two members were missing that discussion last meeting, the members present felt the enter board should weigh in on it. 

Cable TV Franchise Agreement – I’ve had no comment from the tech committee as of this writing. 

Memorial Day Ceremony – Bob asked for this on the agenda.  When last discussed he offered to help with planning.  I’m not sure if there is any board action that needs to be taken.

Dumping Concerns – We had a couple of illegal dumping complaints come in this week.  An area on Mill Road which Chris Meyer reported was referred to the Maine Forest Service for enforcement.  Another came from one of our Adopt a Highway participants who found a rather gross item on Mud Creek Road.  I advised him that the forest service could be contacted as well.  I also advised our plumbing inspector informally.

Paving Bids – The low bid was in the $66/ton range from B&B Paving.  Roger Picard will make the arrangements.

Speed Limit Sign – Shore Road – The 25 MPH sign is apparently not all that visible where it is planted in front of the Pohlman home.  It was suggested that it be moved down the road a bit, though it’s likely to end up in someone’s front yard that way.  The person who suggested the move has lived off Shore Road for many years and said until someone pointed out the sign, she had never seen it.  I’ll arrange for moving it if you think it should be.

Lorimer Road Update – The Planning Board made a site visit to the property in question and will have a special meeting on May 22nd to give their ruling on whether the foundation needs to be moved to rebuild the non-conforming building.  Mike Jordan is also addressing the septic system which was installed well prior to permits being required.

Lamoine Beach Road – We received a few oral and one written complaint about Doug Gott & Son hauling in dirt to their property on Lamoine Beach Road.  CEO Gallegos has investigated and will tour the site today with Gott’s agent.  They initially report that they are improving an existing road on their property in order to be able to conduct a logging operation.

Certification Status – The Department of Economic and Community Development which runs the certification program will extend the CEO’s grace period by 6-months as he has attended the limited training offerings in the past year.  He has registered for numerous classes in the next month.  I expect that letter via e-mail.

Personnel Reviews/Contract Renewals – How do you wish to do that this year?  We can discuss timing and methods.

Board Chairs/Dept Heads meeting – This will be a week after this meeting.  It would be good to have some sort of outline/discussion points to go by. 

See you on the 11th…….stu