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For Meeting of June 8, 2017


Holy smokes – a week between meetings is proving to be a little difficult to prepare ahead of time.  I’ll do my best.

We have been right out straight at the town office with business, the assessors doing their thing, code enforcement matters, two Planning Board meetings a month, and our summer residents are back.  It’ll be nice to get the June 13th referendum out of the way. 


That’s Bob, Kathleen and Gary.  We have a good number of applications this year.  I will leave them on the table.  Gary has a key. 

The regular meeting will start at 7PM – that’s when the cameras come on.  It is likely that I will try to ump a High School playoff game.  I’ve told the assignor that I could only be available in Ellsworth and have to be done by 6:30 PM.

Prior to that, the fire department will be taking all of its hose to the Trenton Recycling Center to conduct hose testing. It’s going to be a very busy day. 

MinutesI’m writing this late Friday afternoon.  To be honest, I’ve not yet started writing the minutes from Wednesday night yet.   I will have them done. Honest!

Warrant 25 – The school payroll and AP warrants will be on here.  It’s a hefty payroll for the school department.  I may have to move a little from investments to cover the checks, but we’re doing pretty well in the checking account.  The warrant will be periodically updated on the town’s website.

Cash & Budget Reports – We’re still looking very strong.  This too will be periodically updated on the website.

Checking Account Reconciliation – This was e-mailed to you Friday afternoon.  I’ve put the short version in your packets.  It all balanced quite easily this month.

Honor Girl Scout Troops – The Girl Scout troops helped tremendously with placing flags at Veterans’ graves and one of the troops with older girls assisted with a shorefront cleanup.  I’ve invited them to the meeting to receive a certificate of commendation from the Board.

Comprehensive Planning Cmte – The committee will update you on their progress.

Honor Grads – Certificates for our seniors who graduate with honors will be ready to sign at the meeting.  This is my very favorite event of the year!

Fairpoint Easement – Fairpoint wants to run a line to the Verizon cell tower at the landfill property.  They need your permission.  The paperwork is in your packet.

Fire Department Repairs – I’ve asked Rick to take care of these.

Salt/Sand Shed – Mike Jordan took a look at the wall and suggests that we ask the engineer who designed the building to take a look and devise a repair plan.  I’ve asked Richard McMullen to not store any more sand in the facility until the repairs are made.

Brownfields Designation – A real estate agent for the Norris family which is trying to sell Map 5 Lot 2 where the former junkyard was located has inquired about having the property declared a Brownfield and possibly qualifying for a grant to test the soils for contamination.  There is apparently quite a tire pile at the site as well.  I’ve put some information regarding brownfields in your packet.  I spoke briefly with Tom Martin at Hancock County Planning Commission.  He’s not optimistic that this would qualify, but my reading of some of the rules are that it possibly could.  They might attend the meeting.  If you wish to start the process, you could authorize me to make out an application and contact the DEP to at least get the ball rolling or get more information.

Sign RFPs – The bids for the electronic sign are due in by 4PM on meeting night.  It’ll be interesting to see what we get for proposals.  I’ve been in contact with several firms that received the bid package, and some who did not.

Communications re: town gravel pit/Gott pit  - I’ve e-mailed Steve Salsbury for a map and contract information.  I spoke with Planning Board chair John Holt this morning and he filled me in a little more.  Apparently the Planning Board is processing a pit renewal for Gott and there is some dispute on whether the re-licensed pit that belongs to Deerworldz LLC can excavate up to the town’s boundary.  I asked Steve for maps and previous contracts.  Chairman Holt was curious why the Selectmen would get involved in this matter.

Early Paving Request – B&B Paving will be in town next week to pave the Eastern End of Shore Road and Western Mill Road, as they planned to be in the area.  We will not get billed for the work until after 7/1/17.  This is something the board approved last year and a similar order will be drawn up.  The Western end of Shore Road will have to wait for Jay Fowler to complete the excavation of that area.

Expiring Appointments – An updated list is in your packets.

Executive Sessions   - Your job performance review with the transfer station manager and a request by former Assessor Jordan will be the reasons for executive session.

Next Meeting Dates – I’ve requested the Assessors meet with you on the 22nd to talk about the future of the elected board.  The Parks Commission has formalized its request for a game cam for Bloomfield Park.  You’ll do the job performance reviews for Jennifer and me and annual appointments/contracts.

Do you wish to set September dates?

See you Thursday - stu