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Administrative Assistant's Report

For meeting of June 22, 2017

What a busy time around town this week.  As I write this on Wednesday the 14th, we have road excavation taking part on Shore Road’s western end.  The eastern end of the road was paved yesterday, and Mill Road yesterday and this morning.  Many thanks to Jay Fowler for going the extra mile (plus about 300-feet) on short notice to replace the material in a rut.  This project will be done for paving tomorrow.

Yesterday, we had an election that went off without incident.  Despite the lack of issues, we had 12-percent turnout and the school budget was validated handily.  We had all 178 local votes counted by 8:30 and the building put back in order by 9PM.

While the crew was handling the election, I conducted the annual water testing at the residential wells we are required to test.  The homeowners were very cooperative, including one where the water is not running to the home, but is accessible at the well head.  Those results should be back in a few weeks.

I had the pleasure of delivering the various commendations to our honor grads from high school on Monday, along with the certificates to the girl scouts and dropped off a certificate to Dawn McPhail to honor retiring teacher Tim Barlow. 

The various boards are very busy, and it’s been a bit of a challenge to keep up with them.  The Code Enforcement Officer is at training today and tomorrow in Lewiston. 

Your meeting agenda is short in number, but long in content.

Minutes – June 8, 2017 – Please look them over.  I caught an error and fixed that just before putting your packets together and after posting the error on line, it has been corrected (had a wrong meeting date). 

Warrant 26 – You’ll notice several small expenditures June 13th.  The Lamoine General expenditures were for dinner for the ballot crew and for ice for the water sampling, the UPS store was to ship the water, and Pat’s Pizza was for dinner.  We’ll have the ballot clerk payroll on here as well, and the warrant will be updated periodically on the internet with a printed copy for signature at the meeting.   There will also be the final contracted salary payroll for the fiscal year on here to close out the contracts for Jennifer and me. 

Cash & Budget Reports – This too will be updated periodically.  The year is ending very well, so far as I can tell.

Encumbrance Orders – This is an end of the fiscal year order to obligate funds that were approved for expenditure for the current fiscal year to carry forward to the next fiscal year.  Some of last year’s encumbrances will continue (Comp Planning, for example), and some will close into the appropriate fund.  I will be doing this us close to meeting time to have the best information possible.

Common Gravel Pit Boundary Issue – I handed out copies of the map and contracts to those in attendance at the last meeting – Gary, I’ll tuck a copy into your packet.  Our attorney will be present (you can quiz him on appointments and the wisdom on continuing to retain the Planning Board appointments through the MacQuinn permit process.

Appointments – your policy is in the packet.  I have posted an advertisement that the unpaid positions are currently open. That was e-mailed to you this afternoon.  It was difficult to discern what exactly you wanted, and I tried to do the best I could.

The contracted staff includes:

The Code Enforcement Officer

Local Plumbing Inspector

Administrative Assistant

Transfer Station Manager

Animal Control Officer

Town Clerk/Tax Collector. 


Non contracted staff includes:

Fire Chief

Health Officer

Harbor Master & Deputy

Road Commissioner

Jennifer & I both have multi-year contracts, and there will be an acknowledgement of where things stand in those contracts for all to sign.  I have calculated a possible raise for the transfer station manager which will keep us within budget.  I’ll work more on this before budget time.

I will speak with the CEO & LPI regarding contracts, but do not anticipate any change at this time.

The appointment list is in your packet, and a separate memo will be in your packet of those who’ve offered their services.  It will be updated for the meeting night.   

Assessing - The Assessors have indicated that the opening on that board be filled at the next annual town meeting, and they will get by until then.  They also indicated that they’re not able to meet with the Selectmen at this time.  You can discuss possible options.

Anonymous Gift left for Town Board – Someone left a set of gift cards for the town’s planning board in the door Monday.  There is no indication who did it.  Chairman John Holt turned them in to me.  While we have no formal policy on such things, such gifts are not allowed, no matter who they come from.  The question to the Selectmen is, what should be do with them?   John has suggested donating them to an appropriate organization.   Should we craft a town policy at the Selectboard level to deal with such things? (As a member of the MTCMA, I am already barred from accepting such gifts).  This is the first time I’ve seen something like this since beginning work here.

Jennifer & I have performance reviews scheduled for executive session.  Please conduct hers first, as she’ll have worked a long day already.

I will see you Thursday the 22nd (if not sooner).