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Administrative Assistant's Report

For meeting of July 20, 2017


I continue to be amazed at how much work can pile up after just 3-days off.  I’m writing this on July 13th, and am finally getting a little caught up from the end of the fiscal year and beginning of the new year business as the treasurer.  Some things I just have not had time to do.  After putting this packet together, the next priority is to finish the Lamoine Quarterly for July. 

You have an aggressive agenda for the 20th, but I’m confident there is not a whole lot that will take an exorbitant amount of time.

Minutes – June 22, 2017 – Please look them over ahead of the meeting and make written corrections if possible. 

Warrant 27 – These are all bills from the just ended FY 2017.  There will still be bills trickling in from that fiscal year, and they’ll be booked for FY 17 and an account payable for FY 18 on future warrants.  A copy of this warrant is in your packets or was picked up when you signed the warrant.

Warrant 1 – This required moving $300,000 from investments to cover the checks.  The large bills are for paving and schools.    Our investment folks had to sell some CDs to move enough money to the checking account to cover the transfer.    The printout situation is the same as warrant 27.

Warrant 2 – Most likely we will have to move another $50,000 to cover these costs. A school payroll and AP warrant will be on this, as well as the town payroll.  We hope to start generating property tax bills next week, so that will help with the cash flow.

Cash & Budget Reports – You will have printouts of the budget reports for both FY 2017 and FY 2018 updated on the town website periodically and on the night of the meeting.   You will see some skewed expectation data as some of the annual payments (ambulance, library, social services, YMCA, etc.) are paid on warrant 1. 

Checking Account Reconciliation – I e-mailed the various reports earlier this week.  All balanced quite nicely for the end of the fiscal year.  I would note that an error was made on warrant 26 on the federal tax deposit.  That was corrected before the deposit was made, but after you signed warrant 26.  The correct deposit is included in warrant 27, and was made on time.  My apologies.

Encumbrance Order – Apparently, I’m on a roll.  There was an error in the amount to retire from Gully Brook Road.  Also, the big, bold date on the top was incorrect (2012 instead of 2017).   A corrected order is ready for your signature and in your packets.

Excise Tax Quarterly Report – I continually reported that it was very busy at the town office, and now we see why!  We processed 802 vehicle registrations in the last quarter of the fiscal year, bringing in $140,431.91 in excise tax which smashes hard the highest amount ever taken in during a 3-month period.  You’ll see from the reports that excise was 25% higher than budgeted for the fiscal year.  I know there was a lot of counter business, and sometimes we had both windows going at once.

Audit Letter – Jim Wadman’s office needs a signed copy of the annual letter that you have chosen them to represent the town in the audit again. 

Property Tax Liens – We sent out 137 thirty-day notices on June 21, 2017.For those taxes that remain unpaid after July 20, 2017, we will file tax liens, mostly likely on July 25th.  The notices have resulted in 53 payments totaling almost $34,000 in taxes collected.

Small Animal Clinic Contract – We apparently never got a contract for strays from the Small Animal Clinic last year.  A renewal is in your packets.

Salt/Sand Shed – The engineer will be by next Tuesday to look things over.  Not sure if we’ll have a report back in time for the meeting.

Returnables – The Grange has put in a request. 

Gott Gravel Permit Setbacks – The Planning Board approved the permit and the setback issue is acceptable to both Gott and the Planning Board.  No further action is needed by the Board of Selectmen.

Electronic Sign – I looked over Belgrade’s setup by the latest bidder.  It’s controlled remotely by a desktop computer inside their office and works well.  It’s much larger than ours, and they say occasionally they have to reboot the sign but mostly it works well.  My plan is to contact Neokraft to see what we can negotiate for a sign to look much like Dedham’s.  

Alternate – Conservation Commission – Diane Nicholls of Falcon Lane has offered to serve as an alternate, the position vacated when Jeff Cosulich was appointed as a full commissioner.  To date there are no other applicants, nor any takers for Parks Commission or Budget Committee. 

Land Donation – The Conservation Commission and Parks Commission have recommended proceeding with asking town meeting to accept the offer from the Pinkham Shore Trust for land along Mud Creek Road.  I have the formal recommendation from the Conservation Commission in your packets and await the written confirmation from the Parks Commission.  

Pole Permit – Emera has requested a permit to place a pole on Buttermilk Road to serve a new home under construction. 

Shore & Mill Road Shoulders- Richard McMullen’s crew was finishing that project up as of today.  It looks much better. 

Needles Eye Road – Apparently there was a heavy rain while I was off in Vermont, and it caused quite a wash alongside Needles Eye Road.  I’ve asked Richard to do some ditching and get the dirt out of the road so this doesn’t happen again.  He should get to it next week.

Lamoine Quarterly This is the first time I’ve been this late with an edition.  What I have drafted is in your packets, and I will e-mail a final draft before your meeting.  I apologize for taking so long to write it, but this has become a rather daunting task at times, and does not work well with a very busy time in the town office. 

Cable TV – The Technology Committee has suggested that we firm up with the Sewall Company what services they would provide in helping deal with Charter/Spectrum and ConnectME for a grant to expand broadband coverage, but not to use Sewall to finalize the franchise agreement renewal.  I will be contacting the Sewall folks in the next couple of days on that.   Meanwhile, the committee has also recommended submitting a final edit to Charter/Spectrum to renew the agreement as of 2018.  I’ll work with Dan Pileggi on that.

Next Meetings – You meet next on August 3rd, then more than a month off until September 7th.  I will likely have a warrant or 2 for you to sign between those dates.  If you’d like to set the October meeting dates, that would be nice, too!

At this point there are no items I am aware of for executive session.

See you on the 20th!