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Administrative Assistant's Report

For meeting of August 3, 2017


The past two weeks have been incredibly time consuming for the town office.  We put out tax bills on July 19th, today (July 27th) I’m filing tax liens.   Last meeting’s prediction of 70 was almost on the button!  We’re starting to see some good tax collections since mailing out the bills last week, so cash flow has improved. 

I will be out of the office from Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday, as I’m having a colonoscopy first thing Wednesday morning (Oh Joy!)

Your meeting should be fairly efficient.

Minutes – July 20, 2017 – Please review the minutes for accuracy.

Expenditure Warrant 3 – So far, not too steep, even the school expenditures are seasonally low.  There are quite a few office supply purchases on here to start off the new fiscal year. The property tax liens were paid today (the filing deadline).  Nothing else earth shattering.

Cash & Budget Report – Reports for both FY 2017 and FY 2018 will be periodically updated on the web.  I’ll print fresh copies for meeting night.

Checking Account Reconciliation – I hope to get this done Tuesday morning and e-mailed to you that day.

Property tax liens – I’ve printed the lien list for you, prior to filing.  I had two payments arrive after printing and before filing, so it saved them big bucks. 

Policy for tax payment application – We had at least two people submit payment for last year’s taxes but who had not paid their tax liens from the previous year.  We also have two properties for which we did not file liens (the payment due was less than $15.00 each). The policy to apply any tax payments to the oldest taxes first is fairly common, and something I’ve been meaning to request for 25-years.    I’ve put a copy in your packet.

Bloomfield Park Follow Up – I’ve done up a memo after meeting with the chief deputy and researching some other matters.   It is in your packet and follows up last week’s meeting.

Sewall Company Proposal – The folks from the Sewall Company have modified their offer so that we can choose the line extension efforts, but not the franchise agreement modification.  They are still recommending that we hold off on finalizing the franchise agreement.

I’m not sure if you wish for the Tech Committee to weigh in on the latest proposal or not.

Franchise Agreement – Provided we get caught up on everything else, I should have a printout of the latest franchise proposal from Spectrum/Charter for you by meeting night.

Service Certificates – I’ll have certificates for you to sign recognizing Larry Libby, Anne Labossiere and Paula Gardner for their service on town boards.

Pinkham Park – Nothing new, I’ve dropped an e-mail to Fred Stocking asking for advice on how to proceed.

Electronic Sign – I will be calling NeoKraft tomorrow to work on this.

That’s all for now on the agenda.   See you on Thursday.